How to Manipulate others

How to manipulate people,
How they do it and how to see it!

This time i will talk about manipulation and how it can be achieved trough lie’s, appearance and absolute no regrets/conscience or moral.

This will be a post about people who use others and how they do it.

Lets begin with the first.

Lie: Every great manipulater will always lie.. Its their mark sign and they will lie straight to your face while being absolutely behind their words.

Often they even believe it themselves which makes the lie even more authentic.

A lot of people know when someone lie’s and can block the rest coming from them.

And there comes the appearance, moral and no regret to the game which helps them to wrap up their target.

Appearance: Why appearance ? Well, when someone comes up in a bike and shorts and talks about making you a millionaire, you wouldnt even listen am i right?

Just because he/she doesnt look like a millionaire himself/herself.

So the manipulator will probably, and we talk about professionals, wear a nice suit and drive a nice car, wear an expensive looking watch and maybe sunglasses.

Appearance and lie’s will make the 80% of the job. But that wouldnt be enough to fool many.

Their target will be always either young and no experienced people which will listen or old and half hearing people with little or no idea about what the manipulater will talk about.

As long as the old people can make somehow more money or spare a little, the manipulator will have mostly easy games with them.

Professional manipulators or just called scammers, will always pick their target wisely for more chances.

No regrets and moral: You simply cant lie and scam people if you feel regrets while doing so! Neither can your moral come into the way.

Manipulators and scammers have neither of both because money is what they see in the end.

What they may cause while going trough that tunnel is not needed to know. Even if they know, they just dont care.

Not feeling bad. Not caring what will happen to the people after that. Not giving a damn about them!

That is how its working.

For a lie to look authentic, you really need to stay behind it and tell it like you really mean it!

Full body language comes here to play, depending on where you meet the scammers/manipulators. A good liar will let the look be very convincing while talking how they made millions in months. And that is only and mostly possible when they believe their own words!

Have you ever seen some videos on the internet where a selfmade „Chi“ – Master knocks down their opponents by simply looking at them?

Well that would be one hell of a liar because they really believe their crap and their students too! Otherwise the whole game wouldnt work.

But here is no suit and nice car so how do they fool?

They use their own „students“ to film the videos, mostly they get either paid to act like the master or something else…

OR they really believe it and act automatically the way! Sounds stupid? It is!

It depends always what the manipulator or scammer does to fool. Many sit in call centers, some dress themselves nice and go to events and scout. The window is wide open – just like their target’s!

Simply said: To be great at fooling naive and good hearted people, you have to show not only good looks (depending on the situation), but believe your own lies and let it look authentic by good acting. Having no moral and conscience and specially no regret is a must to ensure a deal with the target!

Thats for today, see ya happy tree friends

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Autor: Arslan_M.

- Spiritueller Bewusstseinscoach

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