How to induce Lucid Dreams

How to induce lucid dreams and what it brings you – Having fun times + technics

Good day Friends and in my case evening,

The last thing for today will be on how to induce lucid dreaming.

First of, what is lucid dreaming?

It is a state where you know within a dream, that you actually dream!

It is really fun to do and you can induce out of body experiences with it, but thats for later.

So how to do it ?

For it to work you have several possibilities:

First: change your sleep rythm. Instead sleeping at night, sleep 4 hours in daylight and another 3 in the night. This will change your awareness completely and it may cause several experiences by side of lucid dreaming.

Of course it will be tough to do when youre 10 hours at work and after that you just crash into your bed! And the body will need 2 or 3 weeks to adapt. The first week i would call the walking sleep. You will feel really sleepy but after the third you will feel pretty good!

This method is more for people who can decide when to sleep.

Second option: you start to look at your hands and count your fingers while asking yourself „am i dreaming?“. The next would be to look around and ask it again while looking in corners of a room or at objects because in a dream, objects will float or dissapear or else.

Why count fingers? Because when you dream and look at your hands, you will have either more than 5 fingers at each hand or less. Sometimes they even are deformed and look creepy.

Why look at corners of a room ? Because corners wont stay for long within the dream. They will vanish or something stupid may happen.

Never forget! You have to always ask yourself „Am i dreaming?“ – This will be the trigger within your dream to bring your consciousness back and be clear! Otherwise it wont work.

You can look at your watch too if you have one. Or just at a clock or phone. What matters is the question in your head while looking at the time.

A clock will never stay in the same position in a dream. The numbers will either not change at all, or go completely crazy. Sometimes it goes backwards too.

This method is the most common and needs few days to get into your head. Its like driving a car -once youve learned it, you wont forget it.

Third option: Wake up after 4 hours sleep in the night. Stay 30 minutes to one hour awake. Take a walk during that time or just read about lucid dreaming. After the time has passed, lay down and sleep. This may cause more out of body experiences than lucid dreams. The reason is …dang i dont know why but it does work!

The actual reason is because your consciousness doesnt drift away too much and goes concentrated back to sleep.

Its funny how we dream very random stuff without questioning it .. Like a building is falling to pieces right next to you or people vanish, or suddenly you have sex with face changing monsters .. Theres a lot to it.. The last one isnt good at all when you wake up and feel completely drained and actually didnt wanted that.

All this can be controlled when you finally get it while dreaming.

What is possible now?

Pretty much everything what comes into your mind! Its your playground now.

Either observe and stay as long as you can in that state. Or just wreck everything and let it rain meteors. Have you seen three suns crashing into you ? Looks amazing i can tell!

If you observe and dont do much, your dream will be extended and it will work forward to a lot more lucid dreams. You will be able to catch yourself easier next time. PLUS – the energy you gain in that state will give your body more power. The result in the morning: Feeling great and energised.

What happens if you destroy everything and kill a bunch of …scenes ..? Well it may shorten your dream and throw you out faster. Either you land somewhere else or in the next dream. Of course without consciousness! You would need to regain it!

Now dont worry, you can still wreck everything! The point is the training! Even if you should crash the „servers“ – You alone decide how fast and strong it will stabilise. It is all simple training.

Everything you do there, can be taken back to your body. Knowledge, understanding as well everything else! You can learn a lot in there because in the astral world it isnt much different when it comes to control and what you can do.

Energise yourself or Destroy Everything! – Both is fun!

Have a nice day happy friends 🙂 See ya

Where are the Aliens ? Is it all a Joke?

Where are the aliens and how to see them ? Do drugs help? All questions answered here!

Hello together,

This time we talk about aliens and why many dont ever see any.

First of, aliens such as seen in movies do exist! Now why havent we really seen any of them close?

We have to clear that there are many alien forms that can either change their appearance and be already under us, or just be interdimensional! (Wandering between dimensions)

One problem is your brain. It filters a lot of information and can prohibit that you ever see one, specially when it is been damaged in some kind of way.

Another thing would be that the aliens simply dont want to show themselves for everybody because you know how the people would react these days..

Our governments mostly shoot and then ask who they are ..

Now some people say that they saw aliens while under drugs and they even talked. How is this to understand ?

Drugs and specially psychedelics work differntly in the brain. Some extent your senses and some just close them and deactivate the info filter system which is caused a lot while under LSD.

Many see strong colours, symbols, structures and feel great. Others see aliens, ufo’s and beeings which talk to them. It all can be seen as well together!

The enhancing effect of some drugs in your brain cause you to see beyond what the normal state ever could!

That means that aliens are far ..very far extended in knowledge and posess body’s as well technology to travel between worlds. They got stuff we cant imagine.

Is it all fake when the trip ends? Did the beeings only existed in my mind?

No they didnt! If you could bring yourself back to that stage without drugs – You would see the same again! Drugs temporarily show you what really is and give you a small hint but they dont show you all.

Why are many psychedelics and drugs forbidden in this world?

Well.. We could say that a certain group likes money and might more than showing and helping people from earth what the world really is. They simply dont want you to know any of it and hold you down.

But theres another thing that is very important!

A lot of drugs and psychedelics are consumed carelessly which causes people to get „crazy“ because they saw stuff they never thought would exist. Their minds are weak and they cant comprehend it. And THERE is the problem!

A person who takes a high dose of LSD without having knowledge of anything, can lose his mind very fast! Taking a drug unprepared and not knowing what it can cause is dangerous! Some people jumped out of their window because they thought they could fly.

While under drugs you see things how they really are and can forget that you still wear a costume of flesh. So be careful!

If i would be the government and i see cases where people get ill in their heads or jump out of windows because they just cant comprehend it, i too would place them on the blacklist. Simply because its dangerous for their health.

Dont use drugs or psychedelics when you got issues with yourself. It can backfire and cause horror trips were your fears can be showed up. That would be more of a therapy session i guess..And if aliens show up there, you could get scared the hell out ..They know how to have fun with humans.

In the end, aliens dont care and have no business mostly with you nor the governments. They travel trough dimensions and possibly seek options for their own worlds as some say.

They can be seen under drugs or when they decide to materialise and show themselves. Some may have the ability to see them without anything but that is rare and often needs spiritual energy cleansing. Yes i mean real cleansing and understanding of the things that do exist!

However, dont do drugs without preparement! And dont overdose. If you do it right, a whole new world may open up!

Thats it happy friends, See ya later and enjoy monday! 🙂

What is after Death? – Quick Guide

What comes after death! For Everyone who always wanted to know – Short and simple

Hello everyone,

In todays blog i want to quickly and shortly tell you what will happen after your body dies.

You lay on your bed… you slowly dying and you dont know what will come and what to expect at all.

Let me help you with this one.

After your body dies, you will synchronise (your soul) to your astral body. Or call it electrical body.

It will be another vehicle for the upcoming realms.

All deseases will vanish and you will be how you always were except without body.

Senses will sharpen, everything will be very clear and you will know what will be in front of you.

Slowly you will rise up and see your body a last time from above. Now heres the difference:

You may be lay down in bed and be already dead without realising. Then you stand up and try to do your daily routine and suddenly you see your body in bed. This may happen too!

The first thing to know when youre dead is to realise it and stay fully aware of the situation.

So you rise slowly up and start to see a light.

There are 3 Options: You go trough it and start a reincarnation because going trough it will be your „yes i want to go back to earth“ – of course you will have some freetime up there but you never know when it will start again.

Second Option: You dont go trough it and wait until it got away. You seek the dark tunnels between the realm of the living and the dead and jump to absolute freedom. Be aware that by doing so, you will never see anything from earth and your friends again, until they are not out as well! ((But dont worry they will be out quite fast. Because time goes there extremely fast.))

This will cause an instant kick from the universe to the real and outer world where everyone is free. You will regain fully who your were and what happend ..Shortly said you will know all answers you didnt knew about you.

Third option: you dont do anything and stay on earth. You can fly by the way. But nothing really more because no one can either hear you but maybe see you! But there is not much fun to it.

You decide what you do and where you go.

The astral realms and vacations will be in the milky way when you go trough the light.

I personally dont recommend it. Expect traps that got placed between some pretty worlds. Shiny warm and light filled places. Only placed for you to go trough. Never concentrate on that!

You can be faster back in a body before you even know it. Be careful and dont fall for the „We waited for you so long“ – trap from your „friends and family“

The cheme goes way beyond your dreams, thats why i want to tell you all about it.

You shall decide what happens and dont get caught in traps!

Thats it for today, See ya and have a nice monday 🙂

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