Standing in the dark.

Watching in to emptyness.

Cant hear.

Silent steps.

Light shine’s more as i walk.

Did hope finally emerge ?

Just imaginating …again.

I Wont Let You

Forget it!

We live apart this distance between us.. We chat and argue about nonsense.. Why do we get angry? You know very well why..

I dont want to argue, i really try.. Instead of laughing we go further in.. cant stop the rolling train.

You are the half part of me .. How can i argue with you? I love you too much for that!

Yet we do this every day .. We should stop that.. And start to remember why this happens

Forget the sometimes ugly words i say.. I dont mean it.. I just really miss you.. Would do anything to be with you..Again

We are both frustrated.. Not knowing how much longer it will take.

I dont want to waste time anymore – Even if i can grab you just for once, i would like you to feel it..

No price is too high for me – You know me

We have chosen us before this all – And whatever i or You might say, whatever may happen or time it takes,


I am your all loving curse..

The Summary of Info?

Combined Meanings of Info

In this blog i want to talk about all the books and scripts, coachings and lessons that many books and some people want to teach the audience and what their goal is.

What do all the books about nature and life got in common, that is often tough to understand?

Now lets start about spiritual books and scripts from ancient times.

They talk about the soul, nature and behaviour and how we can be better to us and nature. Be better to the planet and more.

What do the many life coaches try to say with their courses and rewritten books ?

Exactly the same as the people in the old times! But because we are so busy these days and so stressed – we only read a book and dont really get the real point behind it. Often one book will never be enough to understand what someone meant. Experiencing it yourself will be the best.

Dont get me wrong, i dont mean that you will not understand the meaning of the book, but the overall meaning in many books without getting heavily disoriented. Reading too many books about a topic and never having experienced something similiar will blur your senses to think.

What do i mean?

Lets take out of body experiences from spiritual books as example: If you read ten books about it and now know everything to it, but never had any yourself, it will be very hard believing the story right?

Same applies when you cant see the overall picture from too many information.

Now besides making money in these days with rewritten informations, it has always the same meaning and overall picture.

So what do all these books, courses and whatever exists about spirituality, nature and behaviour got to tell us?

That if we combine all three together in meaning of:

Understanding ourselves and remembering who and what we really are and so increasing our consciousness back to full potential.

Understanding nature and respecting the planet and the animals.

Understanding that if every single one of us does the first step and experiences it, will turn their hateful side instantly into peace and self love – as well peace for others – Which will lead away all the misunderstandments in this world.

And bring fourth the reality, everyone would like to see.

Combined forces of experienced knowledge will not mislead anybody, because memory’s will confirm it!

They key shortly: Remember WHO and WHAT you really are. SEE, FEEL and understand it when the time is right. Respect all surrounding beings from nature and itself because it was here first and will be the last who leaves.

Once everyone will be on the same level – There will be no need anymore for leeding anybody in to a war. No fences that holds us back. No poison in the air. No hate and fear in the world.

Until that becomes reality.. a real wonder would need to happen right now.. yes?

Thats it for now friends, See ya soon! 🙂

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