Another DaY – my Russian Diary

Finally we are finishing few books …it took a while but theres still much work.

Recently we try to upload few more blogs but our work comes in the way.

My clients finally fill up again and i can make nice money on the side.. advertise is really expensive online..

The corona virus seems to be dead here at least. I still stay on my overdose vitamin C cycle just to be sure. At first i didnt thought too much but later in my dreams, i was examined by few doctors and they showed my blood tests and vitamin results.

Appearently my body was running low on pretty much every vitamin because im not eating too well but workout. They said that my overdose of vitamin was increasing my immune system over three hundred percent, which in my case fought of everything that would harm me.

Even though it was a dream, i knew that something was right about it. It was a nice result.. tests cost a lot in this corrupt country.. using dreams and calling few doc’s from a different realm is sometimes the better option.

Stay tuned because soon our coachings will start too! It will be a lot about consciousness and how, why, what for, against who and waay more will come!

Have good one!

How our consciousness drifts – Dreamworld /Dreamtests #2

Dreams and the world

In today’s article i will tell you how our consciousness drifts away when we fall asleep and what comes next, right after it.

First what happens is when you fall asleep, that you cant really remember the exact moment!

Try it out right now. Do you really know the last moment or thought before you lost consciousness last night?

What does the last thought have to do with dreams? Well ..A LOT!

YOU DREAM THE LAST THOUGHT! – with a mix of what happend the day, what you expect to happen and with places or people you really dont know – or just saw from an ankle. Shortly said: You dream what your unconsciousness captured with your last thought!

This is why it is so important for astral travel, it increases your chances very high.

Ive noticed that two times yesterday night.

I was half awake and asleep and i saw how one thought was taking shape and how i just started to integrate myself in it. The picture before your eyes will be the dream you jump in.

Now there are two groupes:

The normal dream: in the ’normal‘ dream, you will be inside your astral body while using things from your unconsciousness for the upcoming dream.

The ark dream: This state is different, but more and even more to all of this, you will find in our book.

When the time is right, you will see whats inside 🧘‍♂️

Repetitive dreams – Did i woke up?

In today’s dreams i woke up at my bed and it was at night, everything was as always…well atleast i thought so.

Suddenly my next room became dark and some really ugly looking creature came around, i nearly died because i thought that thing was real and would rip my body to pieces..

Why would anything do that out of the blue and why would i think like that at all?

But than i woke up and thought „oh yeah..funny dream“, time to stand up …suddenly another small ugly motherf.. showed up and screamed at my face. His face was greenish and deformed.. more like broken over hundred times.

I wasnt scared this time and just looked at it like „Really?“ – than the scene changed and i was again in my bed..

I was really thinking that i was awake right now but i wasnt.. the room looked the same but only the light button for my room was on the left than right.

Ive had enough of it and tried to wake up, but it happend another two times a bad dream where i couldnt wake up.

Not that it was scary but it never happend to me, to wake up five times in a row and still be not awake.

It seemed i was waking up dimension after dimension but how the hell ? And why the hell! …specially with those ugly cunts beside me XD

Maybe i get a new record this time.

Check out our book folks, it might be very interesting for you:


In short, „that, which is beyond the tangible“.

It could be enough of an explanation, but I want to go into more detail. 

The essence of „God“ of the original source and sources (yes, there are many“ is transcendent.

Our soul is transcendent.

Consciousness is transcendent.

Do you notice anything? Transcendence is the „intangible“ something, for which we – in order to reach it – have to overcome and cross borders.

And this is out of us, not out of the use of tools.

Materialism is the opposite, body is the opposite.

Transcendence is our spiritual existence. Untouchable, for us here on earth. And for many only after a vast number of incarnations within reach.

Namely, when their consciousness is so high up that they UNDERSTAND and INTERNALIZE, that they are more than this body and their personality.

We are as long as we are incarnated here:

Crude / Matter: Body

Subtle: mind, intelligence and ego

Ethereal: Soul

We can already see that most of our being is not „of this world“ at all. Only we identify ourselves unfortunately, almost only with body and ego. As long as we consider ourselves to be „real“ with it, we live in

False Ego

We do not experience our true being. What is hidden in the transcendent. We can take a look at the levels of consciousness that we all go through as human beings, back to the origin.

I know people who have chosen hundreds of incarnations for this. Their soul plan.

Our book shows you more than this:

Glücklich zum Montag

unser Probedruck vom Buch, macht uns glücklich.

Hey, das geht.

Ich bin richtig gut drauf. Die Post war da. Brachte die Probedrucke vom großen Buch.

Wir schreiben schon am nächsten.

Ich liebe es, zu tun was ich liebe:)

Ich kann es jedem nur empfehlen!

Mehr Bewusstsein bedeutet mehr Lebensqualität !

Unser Buch Katja Kubiak

Schaut es euch an.:)

The pain of burning to death

last night in my dream, i burned to death.. why does it felt so real?

How does it feel to burn to death?

Well we all can agree that this level of pain is unbearable and anybody who burned his finger, knows that it hurts sometimes already bad.

The first thirty seconds will be the most painful moment (besides getting electroshocked that hurts nearly equal), because your nerves start to boil inside with everything else.

When a nerve gets comprimised inside the body, it answers with pain or irritations.

Now what pain will come when the nerves get burned all at once ?

Few months ago ive had something bad at my foot not going to tell what it was, but i burned it three times with a glowing iron spoon to get rid of it.

It wasnt a big area but holding the burning spoon at my foot hurt really really bad. I was sweating because i didnt knew how much pain i would need to endure first until its over. So i just pressed it down and it went for 10 seconds until the pain stopped, while i was sweating even more.

My skin was turning white because the heat had burned down everything inside it, so i wasnt feeling any pain anymore around the area… Ive still got a video from that but i dont think you want to see it!.xD

After that i understood why someone will die faster in such situations:

The pain – which is extreme, even if it will be just for nearly half a minute.

The schock – because our brain has a „secret“ function to shut itself off, if we know that death or anything bad comes – which ‚overloades‘ the individual.

Fear – anybody who knows that they will burn to death, might die from fear as well, even before the act.

Overall we can agree that dying like that is fucked up.. The same as freezing .. both hurts.

The pain of freezing to death

Now i know what it feels like to freeze to death.

Last night ive had a dream which first time was blurry and become more and more clear.

I was standing in space and my wife appeared in front of me.

I saw a small screen again in front of me and all my body functions were written on it. I didnt knew why and suddenly one word of the screen become to ice, and so did the function inside me.

With every second more and more functions froze and i wanted to tell her what was going on but she didnt moved ..or was she really there?

After my body froze and died, i switched to another world for few seconds which was more dark than any astral world could be. Than i came back and saw a giant ice meteor flying towards earth but that didnt bothered me.

I understood that night, that it is very painful to freeeze to death. It equals burning to death .. im certain of that.

Now comes the interesting part, me and my wife we are connected very strongly and after i woke up, i told her about it and she said:

„That is why i rather choose suffocating to death than freeze“

And that surprised my a bit ..because i remembered the blurry part, she said the same thing when she „stood there and watched“ me freeze.

What are we?

What could we be?

If were not our body’s – Not our thoughts – Not our emotions – Not our Ego – Not our Senses

What are we than?

We are pure conscious energy from all what exists and what not exists.

There is no „I am“ – It is and always was „We all are“ , because we are made from the same material.

Everything you see and yet cant see, contains your energy. Everything comes alive because of consciousness.

Death Simulating breathing technic

First i want to tell you, that it is not possible to really die from this technic. It will only be simulated!

Lets explain it.

You will sit or lay down in your bed and you can and should close your eyes.

After finding your comfy- position, you can begin with the exercise.

Start to breath very deep in, and very deep out.

Do this without moving for over twenty minutes or more. The time will be individually, twenty minutes will be the overall statistic measuring time here.

Your entire body will be flooded with O2 and your brain will think that your body will die, because it will disrupt the normal breathing due to over availability of O2.

This isnt the only reason. Your body will relax very fast and deep too while your consciousness becomes blurry and your head light.

An overload of air will let your brain think „is it time already ?“

You will stop breathing for few moments to minutes but it will begin automatically again when the level drops by getting used up.

In these few minutes you will be at a death state between live and death, where your consciousness will be inside a „black, no thought – room“.

You will feel nothing except the clearness in your head. You will feel great! I did it myself at home, even if its not really recommended to do it home alone.

Always supervise just to be sure! You just never know.

Its more a play with death than you might think. The only reason why we cant die at this state is, because our organs are still active and our unconsiousness knows that. So we are still bound with the silver shining cord.

This technic will help you to really come down and relax very deep.

Dont do it alone unless youre a professional like myself! 🤣

Check out our book for more:

Was ist – EGO?

Wir müssen gar nicht unser EGO töten, nur das falsche EGO erkennen und das überwinden.

Was ist das nun, unser EGO?

Sind wir das? Macht es uns aus? Nützt es uns was?

Oder taugt es gar nichts und wir müssen ständig auf der Hut sein, es los zu werden?

Zuerst einmal, WAS sind wir?

WAS macht UNS, als Menschen aus???

Wir sind mehr als Körper, Geist und Seele. Habt ihr schon gewusst, oder?

Wir können das gut differenzieren.

Wir sind grobstofflich / Materie: unser Körper. Das wars auch schon mit dem grobstofflichen..

Ohne Körper sind wir tot und weg, oder???

Meint ihr, was macht dann unseren Körper LEBENDIG? Interagierfähig? Was sorgt dafür, dass wir denken, fühlen, schmecken, hören, riechen und so weiter, können?

Unser Herz und unser Gehirn? Sicher?

Was ist mit Menschen, denen Teile ihres Gehirns kaputt sind oder fehlen? Denen man das, teilweise, mitnichten anmerkt. Es gibt medizinische Eingriffe bei denen man zum Teil sogar eine komplette Gehirnhälfte entfernt und die Menschen sind nach der Rekonvaleszenz, völlig gleich wie wir. Welch Wunder? ;D

Wieso sind die so, wie wir?

Weil wir mehr sind, als nur der Körper und seine Lebenszeichen.

Was sind wir, wenn wir träumen? WAS sind wir IM Traum? Warum leben wir da, wie hier?

Was sind wir, wenn wir Astralreisen machen? Wie kann es sein, dass wir auch da LEBEN, existieren?

Wir sind mehr!

Den größten Teil von uns, macht der feinstoffliche, ätherische Bereich aus.

Alles was uns hier steuert. Unser Bewusstsein, unsere Seele, unser Ego unsere Aura und Spiritualität, nicht zuletzt unser Glauben und Wissen, unsere Intelligenz.

Alles zusammen macht uns aus, aber unser Ego ist ein Fallstrick, der dafür sorgt, dass unser Bewusstsein nicht wächst und wir wieder und wieder inkarnieren, weil wir die selben Fehler wieder und wieder machen.

Ego an sich, ist gar nicht unbedingt schlecht, zeigt es uns doch, wer wir sind. Es zeigt uns alle unsere Stärken und Schwächen.

Aber es gibt den Teil des „Falschen Ego“. Dieses müssen wir überwinden, wenn wir unser Bewusstsein anheben wollen.

Dieses falsche Ego hält uns in seinem Griff. Denn es ist wie ein bockiges, kleines Kind. „Ich will, ich will, ich will. Wehe DU willst etwas anderes, für mich.“

Ja ich weiß, ich nutze ständig diesen Vergleich. Dieses falsche Ego strebt nach Macht, nach Besitz und Reichtum und will nichts davon teilen..

Es bringt uns dazu Sachen zu sagen und Dinge zu tun, die uns mächtig auf die Füße fallen können.

Dieses EGO gilt es, los zu lassen! Es schadet mehr, als das es nutzt. Diese falsche EGO verlangt das wir uns nur um uns selbst oder zuerst um uns selbst kümmern.

Erst komm ich, dann eine ganze Weile ich, dann vielleicht noch mal ich. Und wenn ich keine Lust habe, müsst ihr alle zusehen wo ihr bleibt.

DAS meine Freunde, ist falsches Ego und hält uns schön weit unten, auf dem Boden einer Realität, der wir eigentlich entrinnen wollen.

Interessanterweise, erwerben die meisten sich dieses Ego erst im Laufe der Zeit, was mich daran glauben lässt, dass dieses Spiel wahrscheinlich so geplant ist von uns.

Seht dies nun also einfach als Reminder, dass wir alle in der Lage sind, zu erkennen WAS die Quelle unseres Seins ist, nämlich die menschlichen, negativen Verhaltensweisen zu erkennen und zu verinnerlichen, dass wir dem Kreislauf der Inkarnationen nur entrinnen, wenn wir aufhören uns wie nichgts wissende Menschen zu benehmen“.

Namasté meine Freunde

Dream tests #1 – Fear

I woke up very scared today and didnt understood why.

I was sweating really bad too but it wasnt actually so warm the night before.

I was flying few meters above my body and stood in the air, my room was definetly the same, nothing was replaced or moved.

I started unconsciously to deform my room to a different place while mixing it with some sort of time travel. Anybody who travels astral knows, that time travel is possible.

So the first littly change did nothing accept causing a bit greenish light to appear in the room. Suddenly was i was back in my body but i didnt woke up, instead i was checking the reaction to my body.

Ive had read a little text yesterday where Carlos Castaneda claimed, that we forget what we did in our dreams because of a fear mechanism which was caused automatically by our body… Maybe i was testing it unwillingly?

After doing the change a second time, ive felt little vibrations on my skin and a bit allertness came up, but it dropped immediately after i stopped.

It was a „test it and switch to body to see what the reaction will be“ – thing.

Now the third time, i changed the whole room and everything was shaking, it was a bit loud and short before changing everything including the bed where my body slept, i switched back to it and my pillow dropped down from my head and i dont know how when my head was on it.

I was shaking like hell and my sweat was intense while only my lower body was covered.

I absolutely knew that the change of the room happend astral, but when i switched back, my physical body was feeling the difference and we all know the instincts of survival… I have never felt a greater fear after i woke up. I thought my body would ripp to thousand pieces too..

While i felt nothing astral, no fear of death or whatever, my body was feeling all of it. But i didnt forgot what happend… So does fear really play a role ?

But i did realise that my memory was fading away from the details.

Our body’s or lets say brain, posess the ability to bring everything down to our unconscioussness.

Here’s my theory:

If we often act unconsciously in our dreams, and we act consciously when we are awake, (while we forget what we did in these worlds) wouldnt that mean the existence of a wall between these both ?

I mean why cant we remember in our dreams, what we actually did in the physical world? Why is our consciousness drifting away?

These question get answered in our new book:

Was ist – Transzendenz?

Was ist Transzendenz und wir können wir sie erreichen?

Kurz gesagt „das jenseits des greifbaren befindliche“.

Könnte auch als Erklärung reichen, aber ich will es ein bischen ausführlicher machen. 😀

Das Wesen „Gottes“ der Urquelle und Quellen (ja es gibt davon viele“ ist transzendent.

Unsere Seele ist transzendent.

Bewusstsein ist transzendent.

Bemerkt ihr was? Transzendenz ist das „nicht greifbare“ etwas, wozu wir – um es zu erreichen, Grenzen überwinden und übertreten müssen.

Und zwar aus uns heraus, nicht aus dem Nutzen von Hilfsmitteln heraus.

Materialismus ist das Gegenteil, Körper ist das Gegenteil.

Transzendenz ist unsere spirituelle Existenz. Ungreifbar, für uns hier auf der Erde. Und für viele erst nach einer Unmenge Inkarnationen in greifbare Nähe gerückt.

Nämlich, wenn ihr Bewusstsein so weit oben ist, dass sie VERSTEHEN und VERINNERLICHEN, dass sie mehr sind als dieser Körper und ihre Persönlichkeit.

Wir sind so lange wir hier inkarniert sind:

Grobstofflich / Materie: Körper

Feinstofflich: Geist, Intelligenz und Ego

Ätherisch: Seele

Wir sehen nun schon, dass der größte Teil unseres Wesens gar nicht „von dieser Welt ist“. Nur identifizieren wir uns, leider, fast nur mit Körper und Ego. So lange wir uns damit als „echt“ erachten, leben wir im

falschen Ego

Wir erfahren unser wahres Sein nicht. Was sich im Transzendenten verborgen hält. Wir können uns einmal die Stufen des Bewusstseins anschauen, welche wir als Mensch jeder durchlaufen, bis zurück zum Ursprung.

Ich kenne Menschen, die sich dazu hunderte von Inkarnationen ausgesucht haben. In ihrem Seelenplan.

Unser Buch zeigt euch alles auf.

Ich kann es jedem der keinen Bock mehr auf dieses System der Matrix hat, nur empfehlen zu lesen..

Ansonsten viel Spaß in den nächsten Inkarnationen. 😀

Our bad „karma“

Currently me and my wife live worlds apart from each other… Its real pain

Since corona came up, we started to write books based on our experience and become more efficient with understanding the plattforms then ever.

The problem is still that we are not together..

She lives in germany and myself sits in russia and anybody who wants to visit these country’s, knows how much useless paperwork needs to be done..

Well i did it now twice and spend quite a good amount of money but it failed… Screw these borders, lands and islands with their fucked restrictions towards anybody who want to travel.

We need to be together because destiny wants it so. Doesnt matter what i have to do, i just know that i need to be with you and you know that very well too. Iam not scared from anything to reach you my left side 😉

When we start to bring up our courses, we really need to be together but that would be only the second reason.

The first is because we want to show it ourselves again…that love which can only be experienced when two souls have been together since the very start as pure energy forms… The love which rivals „home“

Our current situation is probably because we killed and enslaved a bunch of souls few hundred million years ago and im not even kidding. Nothing can hurt us but only the distance to each other.

That is our bad karma for playing the king of gods…which …we actually knew too! XD

When you paint your plan in this universe, everything will be up to you and how it will end.

Karma is not something that comes back, it is the check after a very expensive dinner in a even more expensive restaurant! – You just knew what the price/pain would be to pay when you ordered something from the menu.

If you want to know more:

Check out our book

Warum steigt das Bewusstsein der Menschen nicht?

werden sich die Menschen jemals zum positiven ändern?

Heute mal, ein etwas kürzerer Blog von mir.

Ich habe es vermutlich auch schon unzählige Male erzählt und wer es genau wissen will, ich habe bereits darüber ausführlich gebloggt.

Nämlich Hier:

Und auch in meinem ersten Buch folgendes dazu geschrieben.

Ich zitiere mich mal eben selbst:

Wir sollten uns bewusst sein, dass ein großer Teil der Miesepeter gar nichts dafür kann, in der Inkarnationstheorie gibt es ja den Aspekt des seelisch/geistigen Wachstums. Und vor allem Seelen, dich noch ganz am Anfang ihres Inkarnationszyklus stehen, haben gar nicht vor sich anders zu benehmen.

Nicht jeder Mensch, hier auf Erden hat vor die Erleuchtung zu erlangen.

Auszug aus Glaubenssätze spirituell betrachtet, Katja Kubiak 20.05.2018

Das Buch gibt es hier.

Wobei ich euch das neue Buch empfehlen würde, in dem ihr die Zusammenhänge deutlich besser erkennt!

Ich habe mein erstes Buch auszugsweise mit hinein genommen.

Warum die Menschheit sich, so schnell nicht ändern wird, falls überhaupt jemals.

Schaut es euch unbedingt an, wenn ihr die Zusammenhänge verstehen wollte! Es ist an der Zeit, dass die Menschheit aufwacht!

Bleibt gesund

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