Should i Try Astral Travel?

Everything you should know before doing 🙂

First of YOU CANT DIE DURING astral travel! Neither can anyone STEAL OR CAPTURE your astral body/soul or enslave, posess your physical body. I am telling you this because there is constantly misinformation about it and for whatever reason some people always try to say that its dangerous.

Many who talk about it and only listen to others experiences, tend to talk mostly shit. Two or three times of doing it yourself and becoming a master isnt possible but still this would be enough to understand a lot of things.

What is astral travel? Shortly said you leave your physical body willingly. Some do it without practice and some as they were kids without ever hearing of it.

Just to answer the question „And why cant i do it ? And my friend does it without problem?“ – This is because your friend did it in previous lifes and/or in your plan was something written that allows you to do it faster.

For more information about it:

While doing astral projection, your body is basically in deep sleep and your heart beats down to 3 times a minute or less. By the way we all do astral projections every night for few minutes while in deep sleep. Your astral body takes energy from the fourth dimension and energises the entire body while your heart freezes movement.

Why does the heart freeze movement ? Well if you would do astral projection and your body still moves, it would be dangerous because you would have no control over it right? + without your soul (no the astral BODY is not your soul) every movement is prohibited and necessary! You can do this while standing but it would be very hard to do so and you would freeze again (there are enough cases) Shortly said: Your heart must stop the bodys movement otherwise it could be dangerous to itself (ragdoll movements).


Is there any danger to it ? No there is not. The biggest problem will be to even stay out of you body conscioussly because as soon as you will think about your body, you will be dragged instantly back and wake up. Beginners will get only seconds out there. Not because nature doesnt allow you, but YOUR higher self = your own inner soul.

Youre always connected with a light cord in your neck on both bodys. This will drag you back wherever you are. The further you go away, the less you will see it. This has nothing to mean.

I was way over the moon and cutt the cord three times willingly, forget it… Its impossible to cut and will dissapear only when your physical body dies. Neither can you be captured from anything while in the state because it is 4D and higher. How can you capture somehing that cant be touched ? Well only by fooling him/her somewhere! More infos about traps in the next world:

The only possible way for you to die and leave this place is the next state = switching from astral to mental body. A pure energy form which is faster than light and has no cord limitations. You can switch to it automatically and leave but it isnt easy as it may sound.


Your physical body —> Cord on neck to astral body. –> Both are connected.

Astral body switch to mental body —-> no cord connection but still energetically/emotionally connected. —> Switching doesnt mean that youre dead already. Your movement radius just goes higher into high frequency levels. —–> if you like it there, you just stay until your body rottens on earth. —–> Death on earth. —-> There is no sudden death! You always decide when and what will happen.

For everyone who wants to try it: You will soon know any answer to any question about this world and what really happend.

We can answer any questions and fears. Leave a comment and have a great day! 🙂

Autor: Arslan_M.

Traumforschung und spirituelle Bwusstseinsentwicklung

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