Why you loose Motivation

We all know the problem..

Starting with the own business or writing, drawing, building something new and suddenly stopping..

Why is it, that people and specially the young stop so fast when they have an idea?

The real problems occur when you tell it someone. This is the first and strongest indicator to give up something, simply because you said it and now it starts to add up. The person you told it will think that they have to give a comment or their opinion about it and mostly its always negative dumb talk. This ruins everything!

Specially family members or near friends who dont have the same goals will tell you how bad your idea is and all your motivation will die out quickly. Its not just a simple sentence „Never tell too much“!

Use it!

The second problem is the inconsistency with the project or the lack of ideas.

The brain and body needs time to adapt to the new game and so it will be often rejected in the first phase, its just like a new videogame.

If you get through the first phase it should be a great way to continue!

Now one of the biggest problems is the lack of ideas … to counter this youll need a plan! A strategy! Without it you will not know how to hold it up and give 100%. Many only follow something when theres a plan and a plan with your goals should be structured, clear and POSSIBLE!

You cant just write „I will rule the world“ and do that in two weeks…

For myself i noticed, writing half an hour new ideas helps alot and gives me more options about what iam going to write. I can only recommend it because sometimes even the most productive doesnt want the map in their head.

And the last thing you should know is that you never should work on your business when you only feel well, because a boss over you will not give a fuck when you feel bad, you will still come to work to not loose your job!

Summary: A written plan with real and managable goals while being consistent and coming with new ideas will only benefit you and your goals.

The key to motivation is to let your soul burn for it without a log! You simply become the fire!

Psychische Krankheitsheilung durch Träume ?

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Intervallfasten #4 – Zurück in die Vergangenheit

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Existenz von Zeit im Traum?

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Intervall Fasting #5 – Benefits, disadvantages

Today we come to the advantages or disadvantages, if I find some that interval fasting has compared to other types of diet or even diets.

Benefits of interval fasting

  • what I personally like best is the fact that you can basically eat everything during the meal breaks, as well as that you don’t have to change to a completely new way of eating.
  • You can choose yourself, the variant that best suits you. Whether it’s just dinner cancelling 3 times a week, fasting 2 days a week and eating the rest of the week or fasting, on self-selected days between 12 and 20 hours.
  • With a manageable time window, it is easy to plan what you eat and you can prepare your food in advance.
  • You can stay flexible without having a bad conscience, because you don’t have to count Kcal or points or whatever.
  • If you extend the fasting phase, you simply extend the meal phase and vice versa.
  • Fasting relieves the body and the longer you fast, the better the body can repair itself – autophagy is called that.
  • Those who fast will find that from a certain moment they will have much more energy, because the body can set new priorities, as it will be much more relieved in terms of digestive processes.
  • The immune system is improved as the body will repair itself very well during the fasting phases.
  • Hot hunger attacks become less or disappear completely with increasing discipline – as the body will better control insulin levels, as blood sugar levels are no longer exposed to constant fluctuations.
  • Insulin resistance is thus prevented, I know many diabetics who have been able to significantly reduce their medications because the body has reacted very well to fasting.
  • Oxidative stress in the cells is reduced – this allows the body to heal inflammation better and you feel generally, at some point much better – some even call it anti-aging program.
  • The body can break down fat and repair the liver better – our liver can regenerate as well as you can imagine, but it needs our help.
  • With fasting, we reduce hormonal roller coaster rides and thus also fluctuations in the body that affect our health.
  • Our brains can repair and reconnect better, which will be beneficial to our mental health.
  • With a body that can and will repair itself very well, medical measures are much better than if we continue to overexploit.

These are the advantages that spontaneously come to mind. This list is not complete and extensible.

Fasting also has a positive effect on the muscles, but I am still a little ignorant.

Disadvantages of interval fasting / Exclusion criteria

  • It requires, especially for beginners, despite everything really discipline and readiness! change his lifestyle in favor of fasting!
  • It can be again and again that you want to cheat, so you fast much less and eat tons for it, because you think the fasting phase regulates this already – no! Excessive calorie intake can actually cause you not to decrease or get fitter.
  • So it can and will be advisable to think about your diet!
  • Those who rely only on the fasting phase and continue to feast unrestrainedly will have no success.
  • You can be mercilessly overwhelmed because you are over-motivated, then the whole thing may backfire!
  • Fasting is only suitable for people who are mentally able to understand the whole thing at all! So neither for young or younger children, or for people with physical illnesses or the elderly with dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  • Pregnant women should not fast, nor should breastfeeding. But as soon as one is fed or the child is only partially breastfed, one can think about moderate versions of fasting.
  • If you have a serious illness or are dependent on regular medication, you should definitely discuss the whole thing with a doctor BEFORE, whether he can and can fast at all and above all, if so – how.

My experiences and conclusion

Let’s face it, interval fasting is nothing for people who want quick success in playful form

Whoever wants to fast MUST be aware that it will not be a walk, especially at the beginning.

It really requires discipline, consistency and perseverance.

If you don’t have that and don’t have control over your body and mind, you won’t, or you’re very hard to do that, and you’re going to have success.

He will start cheating step by step until he realizes he has achieved nothing, except maybe even to gain weight.

JOJO effect?

Definitely! Those who have managed to reach their desired weight and fall back into old habits will soon be back and probably even faster than expected, at their starting weight or even weighing even more.

Accustomation effect?

There also seems to be interval fasting, which means that our body has then become accustomed to fixed times and we can no longer expect any special advances.

This would be the ideal time to change the whole thing, right down to other fasting times and possibly the inclusion of more exercise up to sports or strength training.

Intervallfasten #5 – Vorteile, nachteile

Vor- und Nachteile des Intervallfastens, sowie ein paar Gedanken zum Jojo- und Gewöhnungseffekt.

Kommen wir heute zu den Vorteilen oder auch Nachteilen, sofern ich welche finde, die das Intervallfasten gegenüber anderen Arten der Ernährung oder auch Diäten hat.

Vorteile des Intervallfastens

  • was mir persönlich am besten gefällt, ist der Fakt das man in den Essenspausen prinzipiell alles essen kann, wie auch sonst, dass man sich nicht auf eine völlig neue Art der Ernährung umstellen muss.
  • Man kann sich selbst, die Variante heraussuchen, die am besten zu einem passt. Sei es nun 3 mal die Woche einfach Dinner Cancelling – Abendessen auslassen, sei es 2 Tage die Woche fasten und den Rest der Woche essen oder man fastet, an selbst gewählten Tagen zwischen 12 bis 20 Stunden.
  • Mit einem überschaubaren Zeitfenster, lässt es sich ganz gut planen, WAS man isst und man kann sich seine Nahrung auch schon im voraus vorbereiten.
  • Man kann flexibel bleiben, ohne ein schlechtes Gewissen zu haben, weil man eben keine Kcal zählen muss oder Punkte oder was auch immer.
  • Verlängert man die Fastenphase, verlängert man einfach die Essensphase und anders herum.
  • Fasten entlastet den Körper und je länger man fastet, desto besser kann der Körper sich selber reparieren – Autophagie nennt man das.
  • Wer fastet wird feststellen, dass er ab einem gewissen Moment, viel mehr Energie haben wird, weil der Körper neue Prioritäten setzen kann, da er viel mehr entlastet wird, was Verdauungsvorgänge betrifft.
  • Das Immunsystem wird verbessert, da der Körper sich sehr gut reparieren wird in den Fastenphasen.
  • Heisshungerattacken werden weniger oder verschwinden mit steigender Disziplin völlig – da der Körper den Insulinspiegel besser kontrollieren wird, da der Blutzuckerspiegel nicht mehr ständigen Schwankungen ausgesetzt wird .
  • Einer Insulinresistenz wird damit vorgebeugt, ich kenne etliche Diabetiker die ihre Medikamente deutlich verringern konnten, weil der Körper sehr gut aufs Fasten reagiert hat.
  • Oxidativer Stress in den Zellen wird verringert – dadurch kann der Körper Entzündungen besser heilen und man fühlt sich allgemein, irgendwann deutlich besser – manch einer nennt es sogar Anti Aging Programm.
  • Der Körper kann Fett abbauen und die Leber besser reparieren – unsere Leber kann sich so gut regenerieren wie man es sich kaum vorstellen kann, dazu benötigt sie aber unsere Hilfe.
  • Wir senken mit Fasten hormonelle Achterbahnfahrten und damit auch Schwankungen im Körper die sich auf unsere Gesundheit auswirken.
  • Unser Gehirn kann sich besser reparieren und neu vernetzen, was unserer seelischen Gesundheit förderlich sein wird.
  • Mit einem Körper der sich sehr gut reparieren kann und wird, schlagen ärztliche Maßnahmen deutlich besser an, als wenn wir weiter Raubbau betreiben.

Das sind so die Vorteile, die sich mir spontan in den Sinn ergeben. Diese Liste ist nicht vollständig und erweiterbar.

Fasten hat auch einen positiven Effekt auf die Muskeln, allerdings bin ich da noch ein wenig unwissend.

Nachteile des Intervallfastens / Auschlußkriterien

  • Es erfordert, vor allem für Anfänger, trotz allem wirklich Disziplin und die Bereitschaft! seinen Lebensstil zu Gunsten des Fasten zu ändern!
  • Es kann immer wieder sein, dass man cheaten will, also deutlich weniger fastet und dafür Unmengen isst, weil man sich denkt die Fastenphase regelt das schon – nein! Ein zu hoher Kalorienüberschuss kann tatsächlich dazu führen, dass man nicht abnimmt oder fitter wird.
  • Es kann und wird also schon ratsam sein, sich über seine Ernährung mal Gedanken zu machen!
  • Wer sich nur auf die Fastenphase verlässt und weiter hemmungslos schlemmt, wird keine Erfolge haben.
  • Man kann sich gnadenlos überfordern, weil man übermotiviert ist, dann geht das ganze unter Umständen nach hinten los!
  • Fasten ist nur geeignet für Menschen die psychisch in der Lage sind das ganze überhaupt zu verstehen! Also weder für kleine oder jüngere Kinder oder für Menschen mit physischen Erkrankungen oder Ältere Menschen mit Demenz oder Alzheimer.
  • Schwangere sollten nicht fasten, Stillende auch nicht. Aber sobald man zufüttert oder das Kind, nur noch teilweise gestillt wird, kann man über gemäßigte Versionen des Fasten durchaus nachdenken.
  • Wer eine schwere Krankheit hat oder auf regelmäßige Medikamente angewiesen ist, sollte unbedingt das ganze mit einem Arzt VORHER besprechen, ob er überhaupt fasten darf und kann und vor allem, wenn ja – wie.

Meine Erfahrungen und Fazit

Mal ganz ehrlich gesagt, Intervallfasten ist nix für Leute, die sich schnelle Erfolge in spielerischer Form wünschen

Wer Fasten will MUSS sich darüber im klaren sein, dass es vor allem am Anfang eben KEIN Spaziergang sein wird.

Es erfordert wirklich Dispziplin, Konsequenz und Durchhaltevermögen.

Wer das nicht hat und auch nicht die Kontrolle über seinen Körper und Geist hat, der wird es nicht oder nur sehr schwer schaffen, dass durchzuziehen und damit Erfolge zu haben.

Der wird step by step anfangen zu schummeln bis er feststellt, er hat gar nichts erreicht, außer vielleicht sogar noch Gewicht zuzulegen.

JOJO Effekt?

Auf alle Fälle! Wer es geschafft hat, sein Wunschgewicht zu erreichen und zurück in alte Gewohnheiten fällt, der wird bald wieder und vermutlich noch schneller als gedacht, bei seinem Ausgangsgewicht sein oder sogar noch mehr wiegen.


Auch den scheint es in Bezug auf Intervallfasten zu geben, dass bedeutet dass unser Körper sich dann an feste Zeiten gewöhnt hat und wir keine besonderen Fortschritte mehr erwarten können.

Dies wäre dann der ideale Zeitpunkt das ganze zu verändern, hin zu anderen Fastenzeiten und eventuell dem Einbinden von mehr Bewegung bis hin zu Sport oder Krafttraining.


I wish you a wonderful and hopefully not too hot Sunday morning. THAT would have been my greeting this morning, but you know what? WordPress was of the opinion to delete my finished and saved blog instead of publishing it. Oh guys, I was sooo mad.

I had researched and written for over two hours and, contrary to my habit, this time of all times I hadn’t written on paper but in the Blog. That means I start all over again.

So, here is the second version of my blog. And a warning for all bloggers, don’t rely on the fact that what is shown as saved is really saved. WP clearly proved me wrong today. Soon I will host the whole thing myself.

So now let’s start over again.

Interval fasting part four, a review

A small review into the nourishing habits of earlier humans and why for these interval chamfered was normal, but nevertheless an involuntary exception.

As we already learned at school, the Stone Age people were first probably collectors. That means, they ate what they found in nature. Do fruits grow all year round?

No, if they didn’t find anything and didn’t think of stocking up, there was nothing, if nothing grew or nothing was edible.

How did Stone Age people actually find out what was edible and what was not? Perhaps they observed the animals and what they ate without dying was edible. Maybe there were tasters, who knows.

Fasting in the cradle of mankind 7 million years ago, in Africa

At the origins of mankind, we know that the weather and vegetation were quite inhospitable.

It is known that people were constantly busy to survive. So they ate what they found. If there was no fruit, they ate grass or even tree bark in an emergency. But one can assume that they ate simply everything that seemed to be edible.

That means in reverse, they found nothing, no idea, maybe they ate themselves to survive. But presumably they had also at that time already really long chamfering phases. Involuntarily.

One can also assume that milk, eggs and processed products like bread were simply completely unknown.

Since these people, neither fire, nor tools had or even knew.


In principle, the first humans or human ancestors were collectors who ate everything they could get.

Their only goal was to survive. But they were neither blind nor stupid, and were probably pretty good at one thing.


So of course they saw what the animals they were observing did, they hunted and killed their prey before eating it.

So what could be more obvious than to do the same? The first hunters emerged. Especially since people quickly noticed that meat had much more nutritional value than tree bark…


So they had looked at what the animals do following their instincts and started to do the same. Hunting and catching animals.

The beginnings of hunting were clumsy and not yet specialized. It was also quickly realized that this required the fastest and strongest members of the community.

The gender roles were born. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, sick and weak people suddenly had different tasks than those who were able to hunt.

People began to organize and specialize. Nevertheless, if nothing was found, one had to fast.

One can assume due to the weather that these chamfering periods were quite very long. On the other hand these humans could move on simply in periods of drought, since they were not settled and open so new sources of food.

Humans had found fire also after a few million years and knew quite fast to use fire.

For about 700000 years he has also been able to light the fire himself, making it easier to catch animals and prepare food. 2 million years earlier, he was still dependent on preventing found fire from going out. But even then they could keep their burrows warm and roast meat and fruits over the fire.

They had probably already recognized that collecting and hunting alone is not enough, but that one must also build up stocks in order to always have food. There are archaeological reports according to which one knows that whole peoples had to fast, when the supplies were simply rotten, because one could not decide before to use them up.

We can infer now however from the fact that freiwilliges chamfered probably rather NO component of the everyday life was, but always only from the emergency out was carried out!

Which means for us that we cannot use it unfortunately as statement that THIS represents the original nourishing form.

Regardless of this, I will nevertheless deal with it further in detail. Since I and many others with interval chamfered make very good experiences.

Look forward to the next blogs about it.

Intervallfasten #2

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