Experiment M – Chapter 2

Our Mission starts. it promises to be exciting. stay tuned

Experiment M – Part 1

I don’t know how long I was unconscious.

It must have been centuries. When I came back to my senses, I found myself in the middle of a crowd.

„Damn,“ I thought. „Should that be the case?“ As I looked down at me, I noticed that I looked just like the people swirling around me and storming past me.

„Now information and instructions would be nice,“ I thought, but even before I realized, someone tapped me on the shoulder.

I was driving around. Behind me was an old human, a man. With hat, nickel glasses and knowing eyes, as well as a mischievous grin on the face.

„Hey, I’ve been waiting for you. Follow me.“

He turned around and walked through the throng of people, at a speed i wouldn’t have trusted him. While I was trying to keep up, running as a human being fortunately did not differ very much from our usual mode of movement, a thunderstorm of flashes of thought began to develop in my head.

I actually wanted to stop or sit in those moments and collect and sort and sort them, but I was still running after the old man and had to try not to lose him in the middle of the crowd.

„Where do all these people come from?“ I didn’t notice that there were so many when planning the expedition.

Luckily it became less and the man had already noticed that I was struggling to follow him and so he throttled his pace and ran next to me by now.

I started to snort. This oxygen uptake and breathing system was unknown to me and I was afraid that my new body might simply fail and I would be forced to look for a new one.

The old man seemed to be able to read my thoughts and suggested taking a break.

„Where do they even lead me?“ I asked him. He looked at me with a grin. „No question who I am?“

I looked at him slightly confused, „Whoever has been waiting for me will know me and make himself known right away.“

The grin on his face turned into a loud laugh.

„I recognize your facial expressions, you’re as bad on it as ever.“

Unfortunately, I didn’t really have a plan yet, who exactly I had in front of me. But I didn’t hope it was my husband anymore. He would have welcomed me and made myself aware of it.

Accordingly, I was actually frustrated and soured that it could only be one of the guys who always got on my nerves on the ship.

„What did I deserve,“ I sighed softly and sat down with him, who had meanwhile sat down on what people called Parkbank.

Now that I knew that this was not my husband, I sat down next to him with due distance, he just grinned. Everyone on the ship knew that all my love and attention was for my loved one and that, like him, I would never even engage in a make-up or even a flirtation. Let alone sit me within my distance to another man.

In spite of everything, I had to find out who was sitting next to me and what happened next.

Unfortunately, I was only involved in the planning in part, because Brian and Torben liked to discuss and write these plans without us. And yes, I definitely hated it.

On the other hand, we could have written our plans ourselves, I probably would have written 1000 years of vacation with my husband in. Presumably the two knew that exactly.

My thoughts wandered to my husband and as the old man next to me, also hung his thoughts, I began to call for him telepathically.

„Hmm.. nix.“ I sighed, unfortunately a little too loudly, because my bank neighbor looked at me inquiringly. „Nothing, good.“ I said.

Toavoidthis awkwardsilence, and since I didn’t think the guy would volunteer to be who he is now, I looked at him and asked him, „Well, what’s next?“ Ok. I knew the grin and now I knew who I had in front of me.

„We’re waiting,“ he said. „Yes, nothing I don’t know now.“ I raised an eyebrow and looked at him frowning. „How long are we waiting and for whom?“ Whether I would get a clear answer to that was questionable.

Around us, the twilight was already breaking and all that was left was we were two on the park bench and a few birds running back and forth in front of us, apparently hoping to get something to eat.

Something came to mind.

„Brian, say. People have to eat and drink and so on. Have we talked about it. When do they have to? And they don’t actually live on park benches?“

Brian grinned and said, „Yes you’re right, but we have to wait.“

„Pfffff.. I snapped and looked again at the pigeons.“ What are we waiting for, for whom, can you not tell me?“ Brian laughed.

„Okay, I guess you don’t know.“ I laughed now because the facial expression he made actually confirmed it to me.

„Now we squat here, like two penners, and obviously wait for the boss. who, as always, is waiting for him to make a big appearance.“

Brian was still laughing. And by now I almost believed that the old man he had climbed into suddenly looked rejuvenated by years. Since we had this technology on our ships, I suspected Brian had somehow been able to take it to Earth and now used it.

Pigry. Why did I always have to take the bodies that were assigned to me. I didn’t even know what I looked like until then, let alone whether I was male or female. I started stealthily scanning myself.

Brian noticed it, however, and began to laugh so loudly that the pigeons flew up in terror. He even wiped tears from his eyes with laughter.

„What do you think, who or what you are. Of course we picked out a female body for you, I thought we could have our fun in this way…“

He didn’t come any further, because I had jumped up in anger and grabbed him by the shoulders. Surprised by the power of the female body, he covered his face in terror and pain and looked at me with fear-widened eyes. He knew my temper and at the same time realised that he should not have cracked this joke.

‚I don’t think I’m right. Be glad that my husband doesn’t…“

Now I couldn’t get any further, because once again someone tapped me on the shoulder.

Well… What happens next? Stand by

Autor: Katja Kubiak

Gemeinsam mit meinem Mann betreibe ich diese Webseite und den Blog. Unsere Intention liegt darin, interessierten Menschen dabei zu helfen ihr allgemeines Bewusstsein zu erhöhen. Ihnen Mittel und Wege aufzuzeigen und sie dabei zu unterstützen. Together with my partner I run this website and the blog. Our intention is to help interested people to raise their general awareness. To show them ways and means and to support them.

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