The sad Funeral

It was a rainy and cold day when it all happen’d…

The death of our grand vather was not easy for the family, especially what happend later.

We were about to go to the funeral and everyone was ready. We dressed proper and my mom was crying the whole time.. It probably hit her the most but she would need to overcome it we thought.

As we drove it began to rain again until we arrived to the church. Some of his friends were there too. We entered the room, hugged each other and sat down, waiting for the priest to hold his speach and call us upfront to tell our’s.

Ten minutes pass and some of us told how much of a great grand vather and friend he was and my eyes were behind the priest, looking at his coffin while he continued.

As i remember gramps, i knew that he wasnt the best and he had a drinking problem too. He threw us often out because he wanted to drink and he once told me silently that he hates our family, and that i would die if i tell them.. Not that i was afraid of him but he was a piece of shit and i would like to spit at his grave before all.. Why would he say something like this when he was about to die?

No one knew why he was so angry and why he told us that his corpse would kill us all in his funeral..

Before he died, he screamed „CURSE ALL OF YOU, THE DEMON WILL KILL EVERY FUCKING ONE OF YOU“ and he stopped breathing.

My brothers were shocked and didnt knew why he would say that but little did they knew ..

As the priest called one of my brothers up and he started talking, i could’ve sworn that i saw something moving inside the coffin. I locked my eyes on it and waited to really be sure of what i saw. A few moments later i saw how the dead body started to move and the coffin fell down on the ground, throwing the body out of its place. For our concerns, we noticed that the skin was completely blacked and rotting while something across his gead and arms were growing. It shocked everybody and me too because the dead gramps was now standing up and all doors shut down and the windows too. It cracked the head abnormally and the body was slendering towards us. The priest prayd for jesus to help us but once he opened his mouth, the thing attacked him very quickly and cut off his head and limbs. It was so fast that the blood started to flow a few seconds after the cut and everyone started to panic and scream.

We didnt knew where to go because it was killing one after another. The second death was my mother while she was trying to hug it. She probably had lost her mind already but going this far was not expected. She moved slowly towards it and before she said „everything will be okay“ – she was already pierced through.

It was not possible to tell what kind of thing that was. A dark coated figure which was slightly above ground and around it was just mass floating which either became a sharp knife or a rod.

My brother and me tried to throw chairs at the windows and managed to smash one. Before anybody could try to jump out, one of gramps friends pushed us all aside and went first out. What a cunt i thought but than the thing blasted a hole through the wall and took him back by its neck. The hole wasnt big enough to fit anyone through, so he got pressed against the wall and suffocated to death until his head fell off his shoulders.

We didnt knew what to do anymore and presses ourselves through the window. Somehow i was outside but no one else was behind me and neither was anybody screaming..

What was going on? The window wasnt broken and neither was a dead body laying on the wall.

As i went to the front door while my heart was still racing, and opened the door… No one inside! No blood, no screams monster…Nothing!

It seemed as it never happend.. Was i dreaming or something ?? I didnt understood and held my head, trying to figure something out but at this very moment, the doors bursted open behind me and that thing grabbed my neck and pulled me inside.

The last thing i heard was „I TOLD YOU THAT I WOULD KILL YOU IF YOU TELL“ …

Die Frage der eigenen Fehler?

Hallo, heute soll es um die spirituelle Sicht der Frage gehen, welche sich viele in ihren Leben stellen. Unzwar lautet die Frage: „Was wäre, wenn ich damals einen anderen Weg gegangen wäre? Wäre ich jetzt reich oder dort wo ich sein wollte?“ und mit dieser Frage kommen meist Vorstellungen und Träume, wie etwas wohl gewesen…

Seperates Gedächtnis in Träumen?

Hallo, Eine Weile ist es her mit dem letzten Blog, da wir weiter an Infos forschen und dies geht nur mit eigener Erfahrung. Daher dauert es manchmal etwas. In der heutigen Erkenntnis geht es darum, dass in Träumen oder Wiederholungsträumen das Traumgedächtnis aktiver wird. Das bedeutet, je öfter man einen Traum hat oder in gleicher…

Bewusstsein in Träumen wird nicht gern gesehen! – Traumwelten

Ich darf immer wieder bei meinen bewussten Träumen feststellen, dass die Charaktere in den Träumen als auch Wesen jeglicher Art, nicht froh darüber sind, dass man seine Bewusstheit wiedererlangt. Diese Charaktere wollen einen geschmierten Ablauf ohne Störungen und wieso auch immer wird dafür gesorgt, dass man nicht bewusst wird. Es werden Szenen vor dem Auge…

Der Körper und sein Einfluss auf den Geist?

Wenn wir uns immer wieder die spirituelle Seite des Lebens ansehen, so wird uns klar, dass es irgendwann auch zum körperlichen Bereich dringen wird. Unser physischer Körper hat schließlich auch noch viele Worte mitzureden. Erstrecht wenn der Geist zwar die Führung hat, jedoch der Körper immernoch im Großbesitz des Geistes vieler Menschen ist. Es geht…

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