„My business is working bad“ – What to do?

What can be done to know why your business isnt running

Hello there,

Today i want to tell you a bit of what can be done when the business is running bad or not at all.

Lets begin and hold it shortly.

Ask yourself WHY it is running as it is right now. Is it because no one buys my product/ got no customers? How long have i really been doing my business? Did i tried every method for marketing and if so, why still no one wants to know about my stuff?

These kind of questions might be appearing for everyone who runs a business.

The main reasons why your business isnt running at all, is because maybe you didnt tested it out before starting! – Is this product already in the market? How many websites already present my idea? Do i even have a chance with this if the market is already full of it?

The problem when you start a business is that many dont know how the market looks like and they dont test their idea on social networks. If you try to sell something which has already a million hits on google, you wont do much of a business! The more people do the same, the more money is needed to place yourself at the top of the searching tools.

A business takes time! Sometimes it can take up to 10 years until a business explodes into bigger numbers. But yes 10 years are a hell of a time too. You need to know somehow that your business is going to work without causing yourself illusions which would cost even more time.

Did you tried marketing strategies ? Most of the time when the marketing is bad, the money coming will be too! And this is depending on your product which again is depending from your marketing. You can have the best product but if the marketing is bad, no one will buy it!

So heres my best advice for you, if the business runs bad:

Test it on several social media accounts. Ask audiences what they think about your product. Is it needed? Is it something reusable ? DOES IT SOLVE A PROBLEM FROM THE BUYER? – this question is the most relevant one! But if your product does solve a problem and the people dont know that they had such a problem, what could you do? You would need to create a marketing video in which the problem is stated and solved by your product!

Test, Ask, Try out and never go full time to your business without knowing if the people would be interested in it. I know some people often quit their jobs and want to start an entrepreneurship the next day but it all turns out very differently than what they where thinking or told.

If your product has no value because you cant sell it right due to marketing issues and lack of consistency, you should definetly ask yourself what you really want. A business is hard work and there is no way of a shortcut, specially not when you want to sell something online with a low budget for marketing while your product already exists dozens of time.

Thanks for reading.

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