Dream worlds and their rules

Hello all,

in some dreams there underlying rules and these rules are broken as soon as you enter the conscious state.

Now why is that the case ? because the dream worlds itself are just playgrounds where thoughts are materialising instantly. As long as you are unconscious, the thoughts which come from everywhere and from earlier in the day are placed around you to built the scene.

As soon as you get conscious, you will be able to control everything including bending time and space. Now when you decide to crash the reality by causing telepathic havoc and reshaping the landscapings, you should consider that the time inside that ground is reduced very strongly. That is because you havent mastered the art of dreaming. To hold down a dream in line where everything is getting destroyed is quite hard! Its like trying to contain an explosion inside a cube while the cube itself has no limits and yet it can crack open and push you out of it because youre not advanced enough.

Now some of you might think now that all this stuff might be just not true because it doesnt sound like it, but how about that your ass sits right now inside a body of flesh with no recollection of memory of what actually is out there and possible. The info you get from this blog is not everywhere written and contains stuff for more advanced souls but it doesnt matter, Its a good thing that you might even heard about it.

Try it all out yourself and see because no one else will do it for you.

more details in our books which are found in the menu.

see ya.

Aura damages wont let you astral travel!

Why aura damage wont let you experience OBE’s

Veröffentlicht von Arslan_M.

- Personal spiritual Coach create your own way!

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