The plague of Persia

The story began when a king in persia got visited by two unknown people in his kingdom and offered him a book of power. Not that his palace wasnt already made out of gold and that he didnt really needed any more of it but now he could turn the very armys of the living to undead which gave him more power. He turned all of his soldiers to undead creatures which now where indestructible in battle.

These two people had told to be angels which tested the mind of the greedy humans and what one man would do, even if he had already everything one could desire in this world. But as everything does, there was a catch phrase in the book from which he was warned about, if he should overdo his wishes. And so it began, persias might increased hundred foulds and his army turned to undead monsters which couldnt be killed. His people lived in once in love and harmony but now every joung child was turned to a soldier monster with no return. The king empowered himself more and more until one day the book began to burn and open the last phrase in which the cost of such might would take its turn. Not knowing what kind of disaster it could be, he ordered all of his army to kill all people with diseases and later burn them, so no disease could spread and kill him.

Later on he became afraid because he still didnt knew what was about to come. One day after a certain decade, the king was sure of his win over the book and kept growing in size with his undead army. Since the book was gone, normal people started to be born again and so was child born. His name was Escanor and his parents had died because they were ill. They got killed by the kings order and was soon taken to the army. Escanor was strangely strong and beat most of the soldiers at once by breaking their bones with his bare hands. The king was surprised by the kids power and adopted him to be later the general of few man of his army. With the age of 21 he was commanding 50 undead soldiers and later on they appeared in thousands and followed him to every battle. Between these monsters where normal soldiers too but they were not half as strong. Escanor was beating many of his enemys with just his hands until the king had an idea.

The king wanted to give him more power by chaining his arms with hot blades so they would become flesh bound and unremovable. Escanor didnt liked the idea but he couldnt do anything about it because his wife and childs life were on the line. Escanor only knew that the king would rape and kill both of them if he wouldnt follow the orders. But little did the king knew that rage was growing inside Escanor since the day he had killed his parents. It was just a matter of time before it would fulfill the destiny of Persia.

And so it happend that the heat glowing chains were chained to both his arms while he was standing and screaming in agony. A truly horrific voice which showed the cruelty of the king.

Escanor experienced the most painful day of his life and was sent to recover and later train with the blades. The king had named the day „The day of the marked warrior Escanor“. And while his announcement, he knew that something was missing. He wanted Escanor to be the ultimate warrior and so he had planned a little surprise for him in his upcoming conquest.

After a few months of recovery and training, Escanor had become the legendary warrior by wielding two swords chained on his arms. He had began to fight beasts and monsters from the kings palace which where once summoned as a trump card to any threat by the king. He was way stronger than the beasts and respected in many lands. His power was unrivaled and his stamina was incredible. Legends told told that his blades where around thirty kilograms each and he was wielding them like nothing. He was ripping the beasts to pieces in seconds and was really scary but very gentle to others except the king. The king had noticed that he wasnt as always kneeling and giving much attention to his words and so the downfall had begun.

Now the king one day became concerned and knew what might happen if Escanor would go beserk. That was the moment when he knew that the prophecy could be him and so he had ordered the army in private to kill Escanor when the enemys where defeated. On top of that, he had secretly brought his wife and child to the battlefield of his enemy and sold them. Escanor didnt knew a thing about it until the war was over and he was seing his wife and child dead on the ground. His army stood behind him and closed him in a circle while he stood on his knees and cried while holding his wife and child. He asked himself how it could be that his two most loved could be here in such a battlefield. And so he understood what was about to happen by seing the eyes if the undead troops before him.

He knew that the king had done this to him, who else could be challenge to him? He than remembered as well that the king had killed his parents and now it was coming. Rage came from all his life towards the king, how he treated and killed his parents, how he treated the others and animals and how he did many evil things. The rage of Escanor exploded from within and as he stood up, he knew he had one thing left to do.

The enemys army was slashed to pieces by him and the undead soldiers and human soldiers between them but he left few of them alive until he had noticed the death of his family in the end. Now his former army was closing in and tried to attack him but before it happend, Escanor snapped. One soldier went back secretly to report to the king on what was happening while he was eating meat and enjoying his routine in his barricated palace, hoping his army to return victorious shortly. The soldier had reported that Escanor had transformed into a freak but didnt knew how to describe it. Escanor was covered in veins and his eyes were red and he started to swing his swords in circles. This attack continued until hundreds of the beasts where killed and torn to pieces. The power of his was from another world. The undead army was indead dying the very first time and not recovering. Yes they did hit him a few times but those scratches meant nothin to Escanor. He was rampaging through the army he once controlled like a plague of god himself. The army began to run away because they couldnt hit him with anything much. He was injured with three shots from a bow but he still moved insanely fast and his swings killed dozens of undead at once. After a long day, Escanor had killed over 10 thousand of undead soldiers and the last one was eaten by him but why ? Had he now lost himself in rage ? No one could tell why.

He still was able to continue with his wounds and blood covered body. He just walked back to Persia, back to the palace in one hour. No one knew how he got there in one hour, but what the people knew was that he would free them and kill the king. How did they knew? Well not only the people had enough of the king and his greed. Everyone was suffering and Escanor wasnt a evil like the king.

And so it happend, after one hour he arrived at the doors of Persias kingdom ..alone. The man asked him what happend to his army and he replied that they where dead. Immediatly the soldiers started to attack him but before they knew, theyre heads went missing and the door was cut to pieces. Before him was another army and the soldiers where trembling before him because the messenger soldier had told them all that he indeed had killed every undead soldier in the battlefield. Escanor shouted loud „Follow me and be free of this madness or die defending an unworthy king“ and with these words, the soldiers dropped one by one their weapons and made way to the kings palace. Of course some undeads appeared and attacked the soldiers now too but they where killed and stood dead as well. This gave the soldiers hope and they attacked together the kings palace which where guarded by the undead trump cards which where quite a challenge. After a few hours of fighting, the king was scared like never before and brought his strongest trump card to the table. A monster, an image of Escanor himself but only undead and he was sent to kill Escanor. But little did they knew that while the sun was rising, Escanors power had risen to new hights due to his rage and he literally ripped the blades out of his arms and used his hands to kill all the monsters which had already killed almost all soldiers in the country and their familys.

The last battle stood before him. The evil Escanor but before the battle even began, Escanor ripped the head out of the undead Escanor and threw the rest out of the window while the king stood shakingly before him.

Without any words, Escanor unleashed his rage while coming closer and tore all body parts from the kings body and smashed his head against the wall which was instantly mush. And with this, the kingdom begun to crumble and broke down. Escanor himself was free of his rage and ready to see his wife and child again. His battle had given him enough damage until the point of unrecover.

He was happy and died standing while the earth itself opened and sucked the very foundation to the ground.

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The body piling Beaver

A story of a body piling beaver

Veröffentlicht von Arslan_M.

Everything youll do is prewritten by yourself, you just dont remember

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