Just a dream as always

Hello all,

so yesterday i was about to sleep and meditated a bit before that, so i wouldnt dream something useless and guess what happened…

I got conscious inside a scene where many people where gathering and following a line which led to a giant carousel. i didnt why they where follwing and i was just standing by the line until i rushed towards it and noticed that the carousel was something that spread a virus among the people to kill them. On one speaker there was a guy or governmental party talking to follow the rules and let everyone get closer but i knew that something was off.

The next thing i knew was, that i started to run in circles around the carousel and the people there and i didnt knew why but than my perspective changed and i saw how my speed was melting the ground away and destroying the carousel. Than i was suddenly a few meters away from there and saw how it broke down and the people understood that in the middle was a machine which spread spores around the area to infect them. While i did the circles earlier, there was a woman telling me something but i didnt knew what and ignored her for the moment but it seemed that i knew her well from the feeling. This woman was standing right behind me and telling me to come with her and the others while chaos began everywhere and the people began to mutate. We where 5 people now. Me and four other woman which i knew from somewhere, probably because i had that dream already couple times and knew what was coming?

We where trying to avoid other people and went into a small forest with some sort of tunnels in which other people went in too. We only stood outside until the main chaos was over and now the scene changed again. I was suddenly in my first school and the building was different than before. There was a guy inside and i went inside as well, down to the basement area where the floors became dark and creepy. The guy told me that astral travelling was cool and fun in the upper astral worlds and nightmarish when you would go to the other downside worlds. I said bored „yeah yeah keep talking the crap“ because i knew that it was just bullshit and neither had i the lust to experience some nightmare dreams downstairs of the school building. So i just left him there or he dissapeared and the scene changed back to the four woman.

It seemed the game went on without me and i was standing inside a laboratory with one of those woman behind me and one ugly monster tried to climb the fence infront of us. I didnt knew why there was a fence in the floor but it bought us some time. The woman went downstairs and the monster made it off the fence and stood before me. It looked strange, like a mutation of flesh, fused with a worm and a wolf. It attacked me and while i was trying to hold it away from the woman so she could run, she came back and kicked it and it flew towards the fence. But than it came back up fast and grabbed her leg and infected her with a small worm which began to eat her from the inside. I got infected too while i was holding her hand and dragging her. One of that worm had gotten my hand and built small holes. The scene stopped and the monster was gone while i was inspecting my hand and it seemed that the spreading could be stopped when i grabbed the infected dot and squeased the worms out but i knew it was only temporarily. I dont know what happend afterwards but we found the others in a room inside that building and three of them went out to get something while i was alone with her. I wanted to fuck her and she didnt minded either but her body turned into a stuffed animal except the head and now my only thought was „what the fuck“ while the scene changed back into the floor. Now another guy was there and bitten and the other 3 woman stood there too, discussing how to stop the virus. I told them to squease the wounds and worms came out which was really disgusting.. Not only did those worms came out but went instantly into someone else and in my case, three came out of my hand and went into the guys eye. I said fuck it and began to move away from all of them because it was too dangerous and i had enough to do with myself.

The scene changed again where i was trying to catch a helicopter with a nice sportscar but missed it and crashed the car into someone elses car because i was sliding and not moving straight. After i got out, i saw a child in a baby chair driving the car and he asked me „can i drive this car“ while he was driving a black mercedes benz and i was like „no you cant“ but than i said „actually yes you can!“ because i saw 3 other cars in a parking lot nearby. So he took my car which was crashed but suddenly new, and i took an aventador lambo and drove off before the police arrived.

This kind of stuff i dream all the time.. no fucking idea but i love it xD

How does the „Matrix“ work inside the planets ?

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Katjas Bauchladen:
You may think that this question sounds weird because it doesnt make sense, but let me explain what the matrix really is. The matrix is a „cell“, a being, an organism that is placed upon a planetary biosystem. You could call it an invisible cage around everything that…

Veröffentlicht von Arslan_M.

Everything youll do is prewritten by yourself, you just dont remember

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