The strange Mist – Horror

A small horror story of a mist and of someone inside it

A few of my friends and i went to a party one night, and what happend after that was very strange. This is the story how i saw something that soon would shatter my reality and understandment of everything.

Few hours before we went out to party, one friend told me a story about a mist. That mist would appear from nowhere and kidnapp people which would walk inside of it. Surely that was nothing i would be afraid of. I would be excited to be honest i thought. A real legend or just a made up story, i would soon find out.

So we went to the party and we all got drunk quite a bit. The fun was downtown near the park of the city. I wanted to head back to our apartment with my girlfriend but she received a call from her mother. She needed to leave so i brought her home and went the empty road ahead. My friends and i would meet later the night again.

As i was walking down the street, a mist came up right in front of me. But the strange thing was that it was in front of me and not closing in. It was as if it waited for me to do the first step. Because i was drunk and didnt believed in storys, i went straight ahead. I couldnt see anything except the concrete beneath my feet. After i had walked for quite a bit, i was sure that i would atleast need to change the side of the street. I mean the road wasnt that long to walk for a long time.

The alcohol in my body was dropping and after a while i became more clear in my head. I thought of the story my friend had told me but this just couldnt be true. How could a mist kidnapp someone .. After half an hour of walking inside the mist, i noticed that the road had no end nor left or right tracks. I started to panic and began to call for help. But as much as i called, no one would answer. I tried to call my girlfriend because she was living not far from here and when she took the call i was relieved. In my state of panic i told her to pick me up and that i was outside of the road from her house. Just a few hundred meters upfront somewhere. She went outside and looked but told me that there was no mist or road of hundred meters ahead. I told her to call the cops and look for me but what would she say to them ? That i went into a mist and lost my orientation ? So i didnt know what to say and she suddenly became angry and told me to stop making stupid jokes around with her. She than told me to see her later and hang up.

She wouldnt be any use for me to get out of this. So i just walked and didnt stopped. Suddenly i saw a figure, a person from behind and ran up to him. The mist somehow cleared a path to the person. As i ran towards him, the person turned around and for my surprise, he had no face. Just a black lether jacket and hands in his pockets. I got so scared out of the blue and froze for a moment on the spot. But when i regained myself, i noticed that it was still standing and looking at me there. I slowly went towards it and was prepared to fight it because there was no way i could get out of here i felt. And than it happend. As i closed in, it suddenly got a face. And that face was mine.

I didnt understood and was scared but i just went forward and stood like it with my hands in my pockets, looking straight at its face. Suddenly my vision became blurry and i saw myself looking at me. I was suddenly in the body of that thing but i didnt felt different. On the contrary, i was feeling good and understood why it did what it did. I was slowly understanding why the mist had taken me. My body was just standing there. I started to laugh as i got flashbacks or it seemed to be a sort of memory why it all happend.

As i got more and memorys, i couldnt stop to laugh harder until i thought i might die from collapsing lungs. Suddenly the mist dissapeared behind me and i was standing at the edge of a big metall door infront of me. Infront of me was another door and the room was pure white. I had lost already my mind i thought but it was all real. The door had twenty-eight red glowing orbs and each showed me a stage in my life. Each of those stages represented a major change and decision making in that life. I than saw the mist and myself walking towards it together with the jumpscare. I began to cry …

I cried because i was happy. I saw myself standing a lot of times in front of that door, trying to fix fatal mistakes. I saw that the mist was not the enemy but my own creation to prevent me from walking to the end of the street.

If i had walked further, i would be dead by now. Because in the future without the mist and scare of the figure, i wouldve stepped on a small stick on the road and cracked my head open on the sidewalk.

It had all happend because i made it so, to reach my goal i had back in my memorys now… My life changed after this incident and i woke up at the end of the street, besides the stick..

Die Frage der eigenen Fehler?

Hallo, heute soll es um die spirituelle Sicht der Frage gehen, welche sich viele in ihren Leben stellen. Unzwar lautet die Frage: „Was wäre, wenn ich damals einen anderen Weg gegangen wäre? Wäre ich jetzt reich oder dort wo ich sein wollte?“ und mit dieser Frage kommen meist Vorstellungen und Träume, wie etwas wohl gewesen…

Autor: Arslan_M.

Spirituelle Bewusstseinsentwicklung und Erforschung metaphysischer Welten Alle Bücher von uns sind auf der unten aufgeführten Website: zu finden (URL-Link).

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