My Dream …

Hello there,

Last night i had a pretty interesting dream.

I was standing on a small playground with a few others which i didnt knew from anywhere. But it seemed that they where my friends or something and we all where gathered. The playground was upgraded with really cool and fun looking objects to just work out or hang around. We wanted to play a game together but couldnt agree somehow and the scene changed drastically.

I was now with a group in a apartment on the eleventh floor near the window. I was looking outside and somehow that one black guy was pissing me off with his bullshit but i didnt bother. It seemed as if he was jealous or something. Maybe about the girl which stood next to the door and looked at me while we looked sometimes at each other. She seemed very familiar but i had never saw her in real life. Sometimes it happens that my wife was the person but just in other form but i wasnt sure. Now the scene changed completely to insanity again.

While i was looking outside the window, a huge explosion distracted us all. It blew off the window but a few seconds later, it was back to normal. Suddenly we heard screams outside and how people begged for help. Two people went out from our group and instantly died or dissapeared. One of them returned and was infected with a virus or something that changed them completely. He attacked the black guy and ate him. Than he transformed to a zombie but his backside was ripped open and its organs where alive. I dont know how to explain but it looked really damn scary. The floor was all flooded with blood and its body was cut in zig zag forms but only on its back. I knew that i or she would be the next and i thought of jumping out the window. But i was scared that i might not die from the fall and get eaten by them alive. Surely its the eleventh floor but still..

Time was running out and i looked at the girl and she was still standing next the door but closed her eyes. She was shaking out of fear. Since i didnt knew what to do, i played dead and closed my eyes as well while i layed down on the floor. After a few moments of silence i opened my eyes and realised that the freak was waiting for me to open my eyes. It was leaned against the wall and smiled. Than it began to run towards me and we fought. I got bitten on my arm and suddenly my entire left arm was missing and was filled with cuts and blood vessels which looked..alive. It was as if anything the virus touched became alive and uncoordinated to work properly. I than had decided to jump. I grabbed it and threw myself out of the window. I can tell you that i hate stomach tingling on free fall. But before i landed, my body and the zombies body dissapeared into thin air and the scene changed again.

I saw how the virus took over the world and it all was one mind. The virus was one mind with endless bodys. The scene changed again. Humankind had restored itself from the virus and held one of them captive. They held it captive in a school and tortured it with a cage which had bone spikes across its body. Those bone spikes could be pressed further in its body and it feeled pain. Many people where laughing and enjoying those screams but i was getting angry. From one moment to the other, i ran towards the bone cage and ripped all the spikes out of its body. It than spread itself wide. It looked very abnormal, as if it had several bone tails and strange looking wings as arms. All the people pushed it against a wall and i was standing on the side line, watching it. A few moments later a gold shining opening appeared behind it and it went silently inside. The opening dissapeared and i was relieved that it was okay and left. I dont know why. It just fled and had no intention to harm any of us anymore.

The scene changed again and i saw a horde of humans running towards me but one tripped and all lost their heads. They literally dropped all on the floor and their heads went off their shoulders. The floor was flooded with blood and organs. It happened three times until i closed a book in my hands which had the name „How to create a bloody mess“ written on its cover.

What do you dream ?

Was bringen luzide Träume ?

Hallo zusammen, Luzides träumen ist beschreibbar als „Träume wahr werden lassen“. Man kann sich luzid in einem Traum alles mögliche vorstellen und es somit real werden lassen. Das gilt natürlich nur so lange wie der Traum von euch aufrecht erhalten werden kann. Nicht nur kann man Dinge tun und erleben, welche man schon immer machen„Was bringen luzide Träume ?“ weiterlesen

Veröffentlicht von Arslan_M.

Everything youll do is prewritten by yourself, you just dont remember

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