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Hello there,

we got quite the problem at home. We dug up a 15 meter deep well inside our house and for some reason theres oil instead of water..

The first ime it gave water of course. It was crystal clear and the taste was really good but now we dont know whats going on. But thats not even the issue here. We placed 5 concrete rings inside, so the water could collect without collapsing. However the rings did not sit well on top of each other and now are moving slowly in different directions which could collapse on my head when i decide to dig it up again…

And from all of that, oil is leaking from i dont know where. It seemed like there was black mud when i was digging. Maybe it was oily mud ? But going down again could be suicide because those rings weigh each 250 kilogramms.

While i was digging i had noticed movement but thought i was halluzinating because of the low oxygen. But hell.. the third ring is not even sitting on top of the second AT ALL which created a 20 centimeters gap.

The only thing holding it is a bit mud around it and if i dig further, it might crash my body in two with 750kgs… LOL.. Dont dig uneven wells.

What are Humans actually ?

Hello there,

humans, animals, insects and whatever is alive, are souls which came here for whatever reason. Those reasons are always personal.

Lets just say that we all had not really much of an idea what was expecting us. We have unlimited time, so saying yes to any game despite its difficulty was easy. However it was heavily underestimated and no one had the idea that the previous memorys would be wiped until the game for each individual ends.

The memorys to previous lifes can be later read in the akasha chronics if you step into the astral world again to reincarnate. If you manage to leave, you will receive all the previous memory back before you stepped into this universe itself. This means that you will keep the memory of your current life but wont be able to remember other lifes from the game on earth once youre out. But i think theres always a way to access those memorys even when youre far away since its just written in frequency.

Your real identity and other memorys will appear once youre out. All the thoughts and things you had done until you stood before the entry to the reincarnation game. It will be probably the biggest mind blowing thing you will experience back and it wont be possible to describe in any language or way. Its personal!

Astralreisen/luzides Träumen – Jetzt auf Tiktok und Youtube

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Katjas Bauchladen:
Hallo und ja ihr habt richtig gelesen. Wir sind jetzt auch auf Tiktok und Youtube unterwegs. Es werden kurzvideos übers Astralreisen und luzide Träume kommen und die Sprache wird hauptsächlich auf Deutsch sein. Wer also mehr Interesse daran hat, der kann hier folgen: Und hier Tiktok: astral_fingers…

Dont take internet info too serious – Heres why

why not

Hello there,

todays short blog is about google and other search engines which provide us daily with new information.

So why shouldnt you trust any info on your screen? Because most of it is false information. Of course this depends on what info youve been searching for.

For example: you have a bad vision and your eyes cant see much because of some problems within your eye. Now you start searching in the internet and find out that you may have cancer in your eye, which isnt true.

You surely know now where im pointing.

All the info you have access online is PAID to be at top ranks. This means if someone or a group pays google to be shown by many, they will have an agenda or product behind it. As for this example, the doctors would never talk about anything else than doing a surgery from them for your eyes.

All the search engines are JUST paid engines for whoever pays the most. This doesnt mean that they are right in what they are saying or claiming. That is why the internet is full of false information. As for the eyes, there cant be exactly found the problem in the internet because it needs special medical knowledge to determine it. Not always but very often!

The internet is not a bad place, but be careful what you claim to be right and wrong, specially in the medical field! If you have any serious issue, go to the doctor and dont search online. You can do that later for extra info but in the most cases, everything seems to be either caused by cancer or HIV …

Psychische Krankheitsheilung durch Träume ?

Es gibt gewisse Träume in welcher die Psyche des Individuums geheilt werden kann. Diese Träume sind äußerst tiefgreifende Erfahrungen im Unterbewusstsein und sie können hochintensive Heilungen im Inneren auslösen. Hier ein Beispiel. Sie haben enorme Angst im Dunkeln und das seid Jahren. Warum das so ist haben sie sich schon immer gefragt aber finden keine … Weiterlesen „Psychische Krankheitsheilung durch Träume ?“


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