Unsere Erfahrungen / Our Experiences

Hello everyone, Thanks for coming by again.

This time i will tell you how i got my very first out of body experience but lets cut it to astral travel.

So i was on to the topic of getting out of my body and how to do it. The more i read about it, the more i was obsessed with it.

One night, i laid down on my bed and heard some enhancing tones to help me getting out.

While listening and wanting to try the technics, i fell asleep …The End …I was joking ….of course. So i fell asleep with only the desire to get out of my body and woke up next to it.

At first i couldnt believe it, that i was “out”, but it seemed so. I felt increadibly amazing, my vision was very clear and i was absolutely conscious about everything around me.

I was able to see trough the apartment walls to the neighbours on one side, and on the other i saw my brother and parents sleep.

I was surprised to see my brothers astral body right next to him, standing near bed and staring into one direction.. It wasnt scary at all …more suprising and quite funny. I was seeing very strong colours floating around and all other buildings around me. I have never had heard that in the astral world, you could see through walls but appearently it was possible.

I have to add that everyone goes every night to the astral plane but subconsciously, like i saw my brother right next to his body. He was having a dream flashing before his eyes and so he was not conscious and couldnt move around on his own (Just a little explanation). Besides that everything looked exactly the same like usual, the astral plane was more of a darker theme. Even with so much colours around. I was floating and it seemed i was coloured as well.

I looked at my body and seeing “yourself” sleeping was a bit … strange i guess?

..I realised that there was a cord .. A fine shiny and brightly looking cord, known as the silvercord. It was attached to my neck near the first and second vertebre of my physical body and to my neck with the astral body.

It was a cord that would pull me back into the body later on. So i was overflowing with joy and flew in small speed out of the building. Slightly outside i saw ball looking … … balls? Well they just looked like grey and white coloured light balls and all of them were seperatly going up and dissapearing in the night sky. As soon as i wanted to go further, ive got a picture shown in my head.

That i was about to getting pulled back and a feeled second after that, it was pulling me … Like that time were i got to earth and i couldnt do anything about it …again..

So i was pulled back from maybe ten meters and was like “nooooooo” and than i laid down very softly on top of the body. I woke up and wanted to go back so badly but it didnt worked that night anymore…Never ive had THAT kind of awareness and clear senses ever, in my entire life.

It felt just really really great.. I was still energised and felt very good the entire day.Of course my brother didnt believed me after i told him that he was standing like a creep next to himself and wasnt flinching..

What do you think? Did you had similar experiences ? Glad to read it in the comments!See ya all soon! Have a energised day .

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