Is there a Heaven and Hell after death?

Hell and heaven exist?

No there is not, atleast not how its told to be. Man fear the wrath of god or the judgement day but i can assure you that such a thing does not exist.

However there are worlds which are comparable to be nightmarish or hell alike, just like heaven. It depends all on your own fantasy and terms to give places such names.

In the end, there will not be a place where youll be kept to burn for eternity for your sins. Your frequency and level of consciousness decides what youll do and where you can and will go.

Psychische Krankheitsheilung durch Träume ?

Es gibt gewisse Träume in welcher die Psyche des Individuums geheilt werden kann. Diese Träume sind äußerst tiefgreifende Erfahrungen im Unterbewusstsein und sie können hochintensive Heilungen im Inneren auslösen. Hier ein Beispiel. Sie haben enorme Angst im Dunkeln und das seid Jahren. Warum das so ist haben sie sich schon immer gefragt aber finden keine … Weiterlesen „Psychische Krankheitsheilung durch Träume ?“

Intervallfasten #4 – Zurück in die Vergangenheit

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Katjas Bauchladen:
Einen wunderschönen und hoffentlich nicht mehr allzu heißen Sonntagmorgen wünsch ich Euch. DAS wäre meine Begrüßung heute morgen gewesen, aber wisst ihr was? WordPress war der Meinung, meinen fertigen und gespeicherten Blog, statt zu veröffentlichen, zu löschen. Oh Leute, ich war sooo sauer. Ich hatte über zwei Stunden…

What takes the most energy from the astral body ?

Does anything drain the astral body energetically?

You probably meant what hinders you from astral travel when the energy level in your astral body is low.

If you read our book:

than you would know but lets make it clear.

Our astral body itself doesnt need energy to do anything besides ourselves, the soul (which has unlimited energy). But our physical body of flesh needs energy! And with energy i mean the cosmic or planetary energy which can be loaded while meditating and relaxing/sleep (in meditation way more!).

This energy form is like a booster to the switching point when the body’s are changed in the night and for the physical body to have energy for the coming day. So to answer the question, the more you use your physical energy up – the more problems you will have to get out because you will not have any energy to spare. It is comparable with the start of an engine while the battery is running really low. And do not mistake food as an cosmic energy source for your physical body, it is not!

Existenz von Zeit im Traum?

Jeder hat sicherlich sich schonmal gefragt wie die Zeit im Traum wohl abläuft oder wie man sich das vorstellen soll. Ich erzähle aus eigenen Erfahrungen. Im Traum läuft Zeit weder linear noch vorwärts. Man kann Zeit in einem Traum nicht fühlen oder wahrnehmen weil man Selbst darüber unbewusst entscheidet. Zeit ist individuell einstellbar solange der … Weiterlesen „Existenz von Zeit im Traum?“

Underestimating the toughness of lucid dreaming and astral travel

Underestimating the toughness

Hello there,

The one or another mightve tried getting a lucid dream or trying astral travel for one or two years and it still doesnt work.

Well let me tell you why…

To fully learn travelling astral or dreaming lucid, it will take years! It is as well one of the most difficult things to learn or to do in your life if your plan wasnt structured the way that it becomes easy. So the real answer only is inside you.

Now all the other things in your life add up too. Your stress levels, your fear, your expectation, your doubts and overthinking.

Just relax and see it as a normal thing because sooner or later, everyone is going astral! 🙂 You just need time and a hell of a training. The body of a pro bodybuilder takes more than 7 years to built, so learning LD or AT might be easier.

Dont think that trying to learn where you are 6 to 8 hours in the night is an easy game! And if you even cant remember your dreams, you should start with that.

Intervallfasten #2

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Katjas Bauchladen:
Applaus, applaus. Wer sollte mir, oder uns, denn auf die Schulter klopfen, wenn nicht WIR selbst. Zuerst einmal gibt es heute eine Einladung in die von mir, wieder eröffnete Fasten-Motivationsgruppe, die ich erstellte vor 2 Jahren, weil viele Apps nur Geld verdienen wollen, aber nicht wünschen dass die…

Intervallfasten #1

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Katjas Bauchladen:
Einen wunderschönen und hoffentlich regenreichen guten Morgen zum Montag. Bei uns atmet die Natur nun endlich auf, es ist frisch und regnet wirklich gut. Ich hingegen muss zum Hose anziehen, die Luft anhalten, den sonst geht die einfach mal nicht mehr zu. Ich habe mich also auf die…

„My business is working bad“ – What to do?

What can be done to know why your business isnt running

Hello there,

Today i want to tell you a bit of what can be done when the business is running bad or not at all.

Lets begin and hold it shortly.

Ask yourself WHY it is running as it is right now. Is it because no one buys my product/ got no customers? How long have i really been doing my business? Did i tried every method for marketing and if so, why still no one wants to know about my stuff?

These kind of questions might be appearing for everyone who runs a business.

The main reasons why your business isnt running at all, is because maybe you didnt tested it out before starting! – Is this product already in the market? How many websites already present my idea? Do i even have a chance with this if the market is already full of it?

The problem when you start a business is that many dont know how the market looks like and they dont test their idea on social networks. If you try to sell something which has already a million hits on google, you wont do much of a business! The more people do the same, the more money is needed to place yourself at the top of the searching tools.

A business takes time! Sometimes it can take up to 10 years until a business explodes into bigger numbers. But yes 10 years are a hell of a time too. You need to know somehow that your business is going to work without causing yourself illusions which would cost even more time.

Did you tried marketing strategies ? Most of the time when the marketing is bad, the money coming will be too! And this is depending on your product which again is depending from your marketing. You can have the best product but if the marketing is bad, no one will buy it!

So heres my best advice for you, if the business runs bad:

Test it on several social media accounts. Ask audiences what they think about your product. Is it needed? Is it something reusable ? DOES IT SOLVE A PROBLEM FROM THE BUYER? – this question is the most relevant one! But if your product does solve a problem and the people dont know that they had such a problem, what could you do? You would need to create a marketing video in which the problem is stated and solved by your product!

Test, Ask, Try out and never go full time to your business without knowing if the people would be interested in it. I know some people often quit their jobs and want to start an entrepreneurship the next day but it all turns out very differently than what they where thinking or told.

If your product has no value because you cant sell it right due to marketing issues and lack of consistency, you should definetly ask yourself what you really want. A business is hard work and there is no way of a shortcut, specially not when you want to sell something online with a low budget for marketing while your product already exists dozens of time.

Thanks for reading.

Unconditional Love vs Love

What are the differences ? The normal love you might experience as a human and vanishes after a certain time is called earthly or just human love. It has not much meaning and often married couples start to hate each other when this feeling dissapear Yes woman feel different, they truly feel more often love … Weiterlesen „Unconditional Love vs Love“

Dont take internet info too serious – Heres why

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Katjas Bauchladen:
Hello there, todays short blog is about google and other search engines which provide us daily with new information. So why shouldnt you trust any info on your screen? Because most of it is false information. Of course this depends on what info youve been searching for. For…

The Great Empire – An Intergalactic Might which took the universe

If a chip cant imprison us, what was done here ? 😉

Hello there,

As i said in the previous blog, i will tell you story about imprisonment and on what degree it was possible to deceive and control a soul.

Several millenials before, there was a kingdom, an empire of pure power and might. A civilisation which rose from the outside of the universes itself while they took all the knowledge of the soul with them, to create the ultimate empire in all worlds.

Their goal was to take over every solar system that they and all other players had created. The goal was the fun and staying on power at all times.

How was this done ? Well first of they had the knowledge of the very beginning and how it all started but so it had everyone else. How did they manage to take over the worlds when the knowledge was „even“?

Lets say 80% of the players were having fun on the planets and worlds while the rest was planning to control them and how to benefit one self in order to create their own version of power and fun. So it happend. While many just played and enjoyed, the rest constructed, robbed, killed and advanced to a level of technological power, were the rest of the players became helpless.

A long time after they had implemented their slave systems on upon every planet, they were thinking of how to increase the numbers inside the prison planets. How could we bring more souls to the game and imprison them while we shock their memory, so they believe that only their body and what they see would exist?

Well chipping the brains didnt helped because the soul was ethereal, so how could we do it ?

Well there was one way. They knew that the soul is a spiritual being – a being of unlimited creation. So what did they do? They created a system, a vessel around every planet which would cause an electrical shock to the astral body of the soul itself. A high electromagnetic field which would hit the soul, delete their memorys and bring them back to the planet after they would die…

How did they do it?

Now the story is really quite long and not easy to follow without the details, since info isnt cheap, specially not about this kind of info, you should read the book! Theres waaay more to that! 😄

How to ensure that your body can handle toxins ?

Whats a good way to strenghten your system ?

Hello there,

What is a good way to ensure that your body can handle toxins and other chemicals well enough, so you dont get sick?

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">A good way would be boosting the immune system right? Well not exactly much! A good way would be boosting the immune system right? Well not exactly much!

We are talking about how your BODY as a system can handle the situations and not single organs.

In order to become stronger to harmful toxins, the body must come into contact with small doses and realise whats going on.

So eating only healthy food the entire time might cause a weaker overall body defense then someone who eats atleast once a weak something ‚unhealthy‘.

It is like injecting a toxin in your body for training. Without training against diseases, the body becomes faster ill over small things.

The balance is key! Trying to eat always healthy may increase a weak defense against a lot of problems inside the body when it comes to bacteria and else.

Note that the body is not able to defend against everything and that you shouldnt eat toxic plants or chemicals just to train your system. Instead, take a bath in mud or walk barefoot – this will help not to only keep your cold feet warm, but to slowly adapt to enviromental changes.


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