The Pit of Bad Mood -Tips

What you can do against bad moods besides distraction

Dont we all know those moments where we wake up in a bad mood ? Or where you get yourself from nowhere to a bad mood ?

Today ill show you how to get out of those day ruining moments.

The pit doesnt need to be there in the first place. But how do we do it ? The thing is that many people dig a hole where nothing except exhaustion can be found. If you find yourself in a bad mood out of nowhere or get pissed at little things, this is what i want you to do:

  • Say loud STOP and rearrange your thoughts you currently have. A moment ago you had no bad mood, ask yourself what the reason is. If you did, than ask yourself if it is worth it but do it really as if you talk to yourself. What use could you have from being in a bad mood ? Are the reasons because of your work, your kids or something else ? GOOD! Ask yourself now if you can change it and do it. If you cant change it, accept it but dont think about it. However, 99,9 percent of your problems are all solvable. The reason for that is beause if you die, all those supposed problems will be gone. They all exist in your mind because for whatever reason, you decided to be pissed or be in a bad mood in such moments. The bad moods you have are end results of your inner conflicts with the outer world which only exist when you have decided so.

If you would consciously think before getting angry or moody, you would definetly decide not to. Many of us however dont think or exercise in such way, thats why we land in such pits. And if youre already inside, its often not easy to get out. Only if you say loud stop and re-think what happend.

Astralreisen/luzides Träumen – Jetzt auf Tiktok und Youtube

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Katjas Bauchladen:
Hallo und ja ihr habt richtig gelesen. Wir sind jetzt auch auf Tiktok und Youtube unterwegs. Es werden kurzvideos übers Astralreisen und luzide Träume kommen und die Sprache wird hauptsächlich auf Deutsch sein. Wer also mehr Interesse daran hat, der kann hier folgen: Und hier Tiktok: astral_fingers…


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