The Chinese governmental Experiments

experiment facility…

It all started when me and my friends went to a government facility through underground tunnels. They were quite drunk and we just went along and had no goal where we were going. So after half an hour we had found some tunnels near a destroyed building in town. And since we had no idea and wanted some fun, we went inside and moved for little bit. Strangely enough the tunnel was lighten up in the middle of the night but i was sure that it was pitch black when we looked at it from outside.

So after continues walking we came out in another destroyed building were the way went upwards and the building became more and more… built again. Only the downstairs and three floors were destroyed. As if it was covering something.

So we reached the fourth floor and now everything was lighten up and several ways and floors were up ahead. Some of my friends just walked to random doors with their girls and just did their things. In no time they were all gone and i was standing alone in the floor, not knowing where to go until i heard a scream. One of the girls had tripped over metal and fell a floor down. She had broken her both blegs and blood was dripping from one of them. I walked downstairs to check her, picked her up and i started walking with her in my hands to the hospital. Atleast that was what i thought. Suddenly the entire building was full of chinese guards and i started to hear more and more screams. As if the others were caught. Since the guards were chinese, i knew what scums they were under the current leader. They would torture and kill us if we would get caught too. It was very dangerous now.

So i slowly looked around corners, avoided their shadows and turned in seconds to small corners so we wouldnt get caught. It was really nerve wrecking. And i almost was caught by a guard when i stood in a very dark corner with the girl still in my hands. The guard was straight looking at me as if i was caught but then turned around and started walking away. Than he looked back again, as if he only moved to see if the darkness would move. And he came back running towards us and before he would get us, he backed away. We couldnt understand what that was about but we knew that if we moved an inch, he would see us. After a breath taking moment, he walked away and looked suspiciously back until he dissapeared in a corner. This happend downstairs at the destroyed construction side were i was about to had back through the tunnel. There was no other way out without getting caught, so i used the tunnel.

The bleeding had stopped but the girl went unconscious and i needed to place her somewhere safe to check ahead. So i decided to leave her in the dark spot and went down the tunnel. But now even i got confused. The tunnel was broken into four other parts and looked exactly like the floors in the fourth floor in the building. But when i looked back, the path behind me was gone. There was no going back and the girl was nowhere to be found. So i decided to walk straight through the tunnel again and without choosing a path. I just walked through the middle path and ten meters after it, there was a door. The door was made from thick metal and slightly open. However after i opened it, i found myself in a room with over thirty other people. They all looked at me and asked how i got in here without the actual door to open. I looked back and saw that i came through the wall but a meter to the right, there was the slightly open metal door. Five people were trying to push the door open but it was not moving an inch and they seemed in panic. One at the door said that its about to get midnight and we all need to go to bed immediatley. Then they just all went to their beds in the room. There were thirty beds and all in white sheets. However one of them was really panicking and said „its about to happen as every night, quickly find a bed and sleep“ I had no idea what was about to happen until i went to some other rooms. Some really ugly looking monsters appeared from nowhere and began to sniff their way to the people.

I didnt knew what to do and woke one guy up, telling him what the fuck was wrong in this place. He was just screaming at me and asking why i woke him up. He yelled that everyone who is awake at midnight would be eaten by those savage beasts because of their fear. So i asked why they feared them and he yelled that if you sleep or lay down in these beds, they wont see you but still sniff around until dawn. So before i would be eaten or killed, i said sorry to him and threw him out of the bed to the ground. I layed down and closed my eyes. Just in that very moment those monsters came into the room and started to sniff the beds. Some of them straightly bit on the beds and killed a few. This was too risky for me. I jumped up from my bed and threw it to the monsters. A few others did the same and held them off. Two others and i saw that the door was suddenly made from wood. It could be smashed open but when i looked past the door, a lot more of them were coming.

There was no escape and shortly before i was about to be killed by them, i was backed against the same wall from which i came and found myself outside. The metal door was now from wood and when i opened it, the exact same people came out one by one. Some of them had missing limbs or bleeding faces and broken bones. However no one knew who i was and they seemed to ignore me before sprinting out.

An alarm went off and lights went red. From nowhere there came a bunch of people and guards tried to shoot or take them back into the building. However a lot escaped and when i went back to the main tunnel, the girl was till there but fine. The broken legs were gone. Still not knowing what was going on, i picked her up after failing to wake her up and i ran with her out of the building.

There was huge mess going on. Everywhere was the police and even the chinese leader trying to get the media away.

It happend that the building was a secret experiment facility in which toxic nerve gas was used on people. People which were kidnapped or reported as missing a decade ago. It happend that by opening the metal door, something went wrong with the gas in the floor. The people snapped out of their insanity and ran towards exit. But still there was no explanation on how the injuries had happend to the bodys of the missing people. Was the gas really just a gas or went something completely different down there?…

It seemed the entire chinese government was falling apart because it happened in more than one secret facility. As for my friends, they all died. i saw their faces burned off or missing. I dont know what happend to them. It seemed as if their faces got bitten off or ripped to shreds. We were careless. This was big news for the entire world.

Die Frage der eigenen Fehler?

Hallo, heute soll es um die spirituelle Sicht der Frage gehen, welche sich viele in ihren Leben stellen. Unzwar lautet die Frage: „Was wäre, wenn ich damals einen anderen Weg gegangen wäre? Wäre ich jetzt reich oder dort wo ich sein wollte?“ und mit dieser Frage kommen meist Vorstellungen und Träume, wie etwas wohl gewesen…

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