The way of the poltergeist – the tormentor

the story of a poltergeist

I want to tell you a little story about a man which had died by his own hand.

This man was a lonely guy with little to no friends and the only one who he thought would be his ally, had betrayed him. Now you might think of what a poor bastard this man was .. but his life had a dark aura. He had an accident as a child and no one really knew what happend to him afterwards. He had become the very evil itself, terrorising his parents and people around him for no reason. His parents had no idea what was happening because he was normal before the accident, atleast they said so.

He was scratching the walls of pure boredom until his fingers began to bleed and wrote symbols with his blood. They had every few days called the ambulance to check on him and if he really was alright but the doctors couldnt find anything except the blood symbols in his room. After his parents had enough of him and couldnt bear anymore of his presence, specially because he was planting traps and tried to harm them, they threw him out with the age of 18. Dont ask me how they survived that long but some neighbours where already saying that the parents where loosing there minds too.

After the guy was thrown out, no one heard of him anymore until an incident in a church. One sunday a man appeared in the middle of a reading from the bible in a church. He had a black robe on his head and a chain on his left leg. The people where looking at him and didnt knew how to react. But the strange thing was that the priest had stopped to read further since he had entered the room. Instead he was trying to read but couldnt and now the people noticed that it was weird. The guy in his robe sat down in the first seats and the priest continued to read.

After a few minutes later, the priest was saying that he will use holy water on everyone in the first seats so the demons would leave this place. And at that very moment, the guy in the robe began to laugh loud, he was laughing out of his lungs before he stopped and waited.

A few moments later the priest came up to him and said „With this water, all evil shall dissapear from your flesh in the name of the vater and holy spirit“ and in this moment, the guy took off his robe and evryone was shocked what they saw.. It was a joung and good looking guy with a bright smile and the priest threw the holy water at him and expected to burn his flesh but… instead he laughed his ass off and told them how stupid they were. He took the water from the priest and threw it instead at him and for the surprise, the priest began to scream in agony but not because the holy water, but because the guy had put a little pulver inside it which was from a very toxic plant. It was literally burning the flesh of his face and it spread fast.

The people screamed and went outside to call the police while the guy was waiting in sitting position and laughing loud. The people were shocked and soon the church was empty of people but full of cops. However before they could arrest the guy in the robe, he had brought children from the basement of the church which went missing a long time ago.

After some investigation the police had found out who the guy was and called the family members but they didnt showed up. He didnt moved when he was captured and didnt ran away either. He was just smiling and painting the cell with his blood again .. the same symbol as always.

The police didnt knew what was wrong with him and after they had managed to bring one family member of his, he began to shout in a manner that a human could not possibly give out from himself. He shouted to check their garden and walls of their houses… After a while the police had found what he was talking about and all family members where arrested and sentenced to death.

You ask why ? Well the family was a rich organisation which kidnapped children for other rich people and they tortured them and did awful things.. The guy in the robe was one of them and the only reason why he survived was because that the family had made a special deal to erase his memory from the previous parents to adopt him. Somehow he had the intention since the accident, to kill his new parents even though he didnt really knew why until he began to remember. The bleeding hands and symbols where from his trauma in his childhood after he remembered everything. The walls and the garden of their houses where full of bodys from children of all over the world. He had reasons to kill the priest and them .. It was a huge story but in the end, the guy dissapeared from his cell infront of the cameras to literally nothing. Few weeks after the arrests, the police from the station began to die soon one after another and always when they saw him in the hallways of the station.

Doctors had declared that the police station was secured from any diseases whatsoever, so how did they die like the priest ? After the guy dissapeared to nothing, there was a note on the cell floor with a symbol and the meaning behind was later found. It was a symbol of an ancient text of a world which was destroyed thousands of years ago.

It stated that a poltergeist would appear in the moment of great injustice and take their souls to the nether world and torment them until the next cycle of their reincarnation. But why the police too? The organisation was working with them. So they had to die all.

Die Frage der eigenen Fehler?

Hallo, heute soll es um die spirituelle Sicht der Frage gehen, welche sich viele in ihren Leben stellen. Unzwar lautet die Frage: „Was wäre, wenn ich damals einen anderen Weg gegangen wäre? Wäre ich jetzt reich oder dort wo ich sein wollte?“ und mit dieser Frage kommen meist Vorstellungen und Träume, wie etwas wohl gewesen…

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