The Face Taker

It all began inside a forest near the german border to Poland.

Twenty seven people died the last weeks because a psycho or an animal was eating the faces of the victims. The bodys looked completely out of this world because they started to rot in an abnormal manner on the spot..

The police started high level searches to those who went missing but they didnt found anything, not even in the river. They vanished completely… until a woman called us one day and told she was one of the missing but she would inevitably die. I could feel her panick when she said those words.. „ITS THE BOOKS CURSE“.. after that she hung up and we couldnt manage to find the signal because it was coming from the forest itself.

After the searches went on, we found two more dead bodys but they were not in the same case. Those who had left were still missing.

A group of four men inclusing me went to a closed search. The police gave up and couldnt do much and the abnormal weather around the area was creating fear. Even in brought daylight the little forest was dark and the radius went over two kilometers. No one could explain how this was happening but once entering the area, our bodys started to fear without reason. As if … all eyes would watch us.

We went forward with the teams already several times but nothing was found until one night i had decided to look alone..

After i went inside the forest, i started to see a small figure near the trees. At first i wasnt sure but someone was definetly there. I took my machine gun and pointed the laser towards the figure but it was gone.

Slowly i walked further and noticed a small house which was definetly not there before. A stinky and rotting smell was coming from it. I didnt made the choice to call for backup either and went on. It was a broken small house. No windows, dirty and old floors while the smell was coming from downstairs. As i walked slowly and secured my back and surroundings, i had decided to take a look at the basement were the smell was coming from. Every step was making loud cracking noises and whatever was here would know my presence i thought.

Slowly walking down and noticing blood dripping from the ceiling on my forehead i started to panick but kept my breath calm. Something wasnt right about this place and as i walked down with my torchlight and laser pointing gun, i saw it.. A two and a half feet tall monster which was feasting on the face of a victim.

Its face was made from skins of other people.. its entire body was made from different skins.. It smelled terrible and as my light was right at its face, it screamed loud and started running towards me. I had nearly a heart attack and unloaded my entire magazine on it… A loud drop to the floor… Than i reloaded quickly and started to shoot again and again until two more full magazines were empty.

Was it dead ?? This thing was out of the world and i thought that it might get back up. Questions appeared but i wasnt going to stay there. I took few fotos of everything and started running. As i run upwards, i heard the loud scream again and how it was coming closer. My heart was racing and the only thing i thought was how to get out.

As i ran back the path from which i came, i saw the thing standing in front of the house.. looking at me and than sprinting.. The appearance itself was a nightmare but when it started to chase me, i really felt terror and nothing was working against it. It had long feet and hands while the body was covered with human skin tissue.

I just ran without looking back and suddenly it went from dark to light… It was daylight! I had made it out and was alive. As i still felt danger, i ran to the nearest police station and reported my capture.

That was the moment when i got arrested.. And when i asked why, they showed me the fotos which i had made that night.

Shocked i looked at them and told what the problem was and they answered „Dont you see how you killed these people? How you lay there and feasted on their faces?“

As i looked again, i saw that the face of that thing ..was me.

Veröffentlicht von Arslan_M.

Everything youll do is prewritten by yourself, you just dont remember

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